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Cover Image VS Featured Image in WordPress (Main Difference)

Cover image vs featured image in WordPress. What is the difference between them?

The featured image was introduced by WordPress with the WordPress 2.9 update. However, the cover image was introduced with WordPress 5.0 update. 

Both of them are quite different from each other and serves a different purpose.

A blog post can have several cover images but it can only have one featured image.

Let’s read in detail about cover image vs featured image in WordPress and find out the main difference between them.

What is a Cover Image in WordPress?

Cover images servers the purpose of headings in the blog post. A cover image is a wide image used in the blog content to separate two different sections of a single blog post. 

A cover image can be used several times in your blog post. It conveys the reader about the change in section in the blog post.

No one likes to read long articles and that too without any visuals. Cover images are used to divide a long article into small sections.

Adding a cover image to each section of your blog post can make your content more engaging and interesting for readers to read.  

What is a Featured Image in WordPress?

Featured image presents the visitor about the type of content and the purpose of content on your blog post.

It is the main image which you see on the thumbnail of the article.

Only a single featured image is used in the article and it is always designed to look more attractive.

A good featured image can increase the number of clicks on your website.

Additionally when someone shares your blog post on social platforms the featured image is displayed on the top of your content.

Cover Image VS Featured Image in WordPressDifference

Cover image and featured image both play a very important role in increasing your blog visitors and to make your content more interesting and engaging.

1. The featured image is displayed as a thumbnail of your article whereas, the cover image is used within the content of your blog post.

2. Featured image defines the purpose of your content. However, the cover image tells about a specific section of your blog post.

3. Featured image is a single image featuring your whole article. However, the cover images feature only a part of your article. 

4. There is always a single featured image in your article however, there can be more than one cover image in the blog.  

How to Use Cover Image in WordPress?

To add a cover image to your blog.

Go to the post section and click on add new, however you can also add a cover image to your existing blog post by going to the edit section.


Click on the “add block” section where you want to add the cover image.  

After searching “cover” in the block press on cover, the block is now added on your post.


You now have three options to upload a cover image.

You can drag and drop the images from your computer which is the easiest way to add a cover image. However, you can also upload it manually from your computer by pressing the upload button.

The third way is to add your cover image from the media library.


To add the image from the media library click on Media library and then select the image from the library.

At last press “Select” on the bottom right side of your screen. The cover image is now added to the content area of your blog.

On the cover image you can also add a title which is a good feature.

You can change the colors of the title and cover image from the right block on your WordPress.


Additionally you can also adjust the opacity of the image accordingly.

As the cover image is used in place of headings in the blog post, you can also add anchor text on the cover image. 

To add the anchor text go to the advanced option on the right side of your blog post.

How to Use Featured Image in WordPress

To add a featured image in the WordPress

Go to the post section and click on add new or you can also click on edit post if you want to add the featured image on your existing post.

In the edit section of your blog, you will see a block on the right side. Scroll down and head over to the featured image.


Click add featured image and you will see a wordpress image library.

You can select any featured image from the wordpress library.

However, you can also add your own image from your computer.

To add your image from your computer click upload files.

Now you can either drag and drop your featured image or you can also do it manually by clicking on select files.

If you click on select files it will directly take you to your computer’s library.

From here search and select your featured image and press continue or open.

You will now automatically be redirected to wordpress library.

Click on the set featured image and you are done.

Now you can click on preview to check how your featured image looks. 

You may read our guide for a more detailed explanation on how to add featured image in WordPress


So this was a detailed guide on cover image vs featured image in wordpress.

Cover image is a feature added by wordpress which can be used in place of headings. So there can be more than one cover image in the blog post.

However, the featured image presents the whole blog post. And there is only one featured image in a blog post.

I hope this article was helpful for you. Please share it with your friends.

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