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Do Inactive Plugins Slow Down WordPress? Should You Delete Inactive Plugins?

In this article we will learn: do inactive plugins slow down WordPress? And should you delete them or not?

As WordPress provides thousands of plugins to add some cool features to your WordPress Website or blog. 

There are times when after downloading many plugins, sometimes you deactivate some of them and keep them on your WordPress website. 

Do these inactive plugins make your website slow to load?  

Let’s learn in detail: what should be done to the plugins that are inactive. Do inactive plugins slow down WordPress? 

Why Plugins are Used in WordPress?

Plugins are used in WordPress to enhance the features of a WordPress website. Each plugin on WordPress has it’s own additional feature.

When you install a plugin in WordPress, it adds one or more features to your WordPress website.

Otherwise you would need to add some HTML code which is not possible for a beginner.

So plugins are just like apps on mobile phones which easily add up a new feature to WordPress.  

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Do Inactive Plugins Slow down WordPress?

No, Inactive plugins do not slow down WordPress because inactive plugins do not have any relation to the loading time of a webpage on your website.

However, if your hosting has limited space left then inactive plugins might slow down WordPress website.

To understand it better let us understand how a WordPress website works. 

Suppose a user clicked an article on google that belongs to your website.

The hosting server will immediately load your WordPress website to display that article to the user.

In this whole process active plugins will definitely load while displaying the article to the user but inactive plugins do not make any difference on the loading time of your website.

So, if your website is slow it has no relation with the inactive plugins on your website.

However, activating more plugins on your website should be avoided.  

Should You Delete Inactive Plugins From Your WordPress

You keep some deactivated plugins on your website because you feel they might be useful in the future.

If your website is hosted on a good platform that provides you enough space then there is no harm in keeping the inactive plugins on your website.

However, as inactive plugins are not useful to your website in any way.

So what is the point of keeping them on your website.

I would always advise to delete all the inactive plugins from your WordPress website.

There are times when you deactivate a plugin after using it on your website and now you do not want to lose the settings of that plugin.

In this case you might Keep the inactive plugin on your WordPress.

Otherwise, there is no use of keeping many inactive plugins on your website. 


So this was all about “do inactive plugins slow down WordPress and should you delete them. ” As discussed above in the article, there are times when you want to keep some inactive plugin on your WordPress website. However, keeping them unnecessarily when they are not useful is not a good decision.

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If you have any other opinion regarding this article, you may comment down below. Your suggestions are always appreciated.

Hope you liked this article and it was helpful for you.

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