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Grammarly Vs Hemingway Which is better For You

Grammarly vs Hemingway which is better for you as a content writer?

Content writing is a way of expressing your expressions and ideas which can never be replaced by any software available online.

Ultimately there is no tool available that can make a perfect article for you as a blogger.

Grammarly and Hemingway can add up some extra value in your content by giving you hints about spelling mistakes, use of verbs, and sentence structure.

Let’s discuss both the tools in detail and which one is better for you.


Grammarly is the most popular tool used by many professional writers, bloggers to write content. Grammarly checks and suggests an improvement on all your spelling and grammar mistakes. Grammarly also helps you to identify the tone of your sentence and finds more perfect words for your sentences. 

Grammarly has three types of plan subscription available, let’s discuss them in details.

Free Subscription of Grammarly

In the free subscription of Grammarly you get the basic writing suggestions by Grammarly. The free version will check your spellings, grammar, and punctuations. This version could be a great deal for you if you are good in english and make very few mistakes.

Premium Subscription of Grammarly

In the Premium subscription, Grammarly checks the style, tone, and clarity of your sentences. 

When you write any unclear sentence Grammarly suggests you sentences focused with clarity. It also checks the tone of your sentence for a positive message.

Check the plagiarism of your article. It suggests you if the content you wrote is 100% unique or is copied from the web. 

Grammarly premium versions also provide you different words or synonyms that fix well in your sentence.

Makes your sentences look more formal. Which means if you use some short forms of message like Whatsapp, you will get a suggestion to change that word.

It makes your sentences fluent to read. Fluency means you will get suggestions for words which can maintain the flow of your sentence while reading.

The cost of premium subscription of Grammarly is $12 per month.

Business Subscription of Grammarly

The business subscription is definitely not for you if you are a content writer or a full-time blogger. It is the best option for someone who has a team of bloggers and the members under this subscription are from 3 to 149. 

In this subscription you will get all the features of premium plus some style guides in your sentences. Style guide here means suggestions for the actual spellings of big companies such as Google, Facebook, Hdfc Bank, etc.

In this subscription you get an admin panel where all the members can sign in with their own accounts at one place. You can even account roles and permission to a specific person in your team to manage all the accounts.

The cost of a business subscription plan is $12.50 per member for 1 month. This plan could be very expensive for all the newbies but is best for the pro bloggers who have a big team.


Hemingway is another good tool for content writers. Hemingway mostly focuses on the adverbs, passive voice, and the readability of a sentence.

Hemingway tells you the more simple alternatives of a phrase to make your sentence easy to read. It checks the readability of a sentence which means how hard or easy is the sentence to read. For example, a sentence that has more Phrases and clauses is hard to read.

Hemingway is a software that makes you feel like someone is reading your sentences and suggesting you better one sentences. However, Hemingway sometimes does not check the grammatical errors as Grammarly does. Both these software works differently.

Subscription Plan of Hemingway

Hemingway does not have different subscriptions. It is software designed to make your sentences clear and easy to read. Hemingway has a much affordable prices of its subscription. For approximately $20 dollars you get a lifetime access of Hemingway which allows you to work offline as well.

If you have a good vocabulary and want to improve on your writing style then this software is the best bet for you. Hemingway can make your content different from other content writers and much easy to read. One of my friend has decrease the bounce rate of his blog using Hemingway. This is because the sentences of his articles are much read to use now.

Grammarly vs Hemingway Which is better for you

Both Grammarly and Hemingway are quite different software. Grammarly focus on the spellings and grammatical mistakes however Hemingway focus on the sentence structure.

Comparing the free plans both the software are doing a good job. In the free plan, Grammarly checks spellings, grammar, and punctuations. On the other hand, Hemingway checks adverbs, passive or active voice, and the difficulty level of the sentence.

Talking about the paid plans of both the software. Grammarly seems much expensive with a premium plan costing $12/ month. However, Hemingway costs only $20 for a lifetime subscription.

Grammarly provides many additional features in the premium plan. For example, it checks the style, tone, clarity and you also can check the plagiarism of your article which is a cool feature. Hemingway does not have these many features as Grammarly has.


So this was all about Grammarly and Hemingway which is better for you. Concluding the article Hemingway is the best software for you if you want to make your sentences short and clear. On the other hand, Grammarly is a software every blogger must-have. The price of Grammarly mite seems higher but the work is also fabulous.

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