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How To Add Custom Fonts In WordPress

Do you want to add custom fonts in WordPress website? The Front plays a very important role in engaging visitors for a longer duration in your website.

Imagine a website with a font which is not readable, will you prefer to read blogs on those websites? Infact, nobody will like to read.

Combination of good fonts on your website is very important for engaging visitors for longer duration.

In this article you will read how to add custom fonts in WordPress website in just a few minutes.

Does Fonts have any impact on your Visitors

Do fonts of your website impact visitors in any way?

When I was in school I noticed the student with the best handwriting would always get more marks in his exams and even I liked to read from his notebooks.

Now, the simple reason behind this incident was that everyone can easily understand his writing and find it more engaging.

Same thing applies to all blog posts on the internet.

The font should not be more stylish which is difficult to understand, however try to keep it simple.

Additionally you should also avoid using multiple fonts on the same website. Using too many fonts on a website could decrease the speed of your website. 

1. Changing fonts of a website using Theme Settings

To change the fonts of your website using theme settings. You need to visit your website dashboard and click customize.


Now in the next page you will see an option called Typography or Global. If you do not have these options in your theme don’t worry, you can follow the second method on this article.


After you click on typography you will have options to change fonts of all the headings as well as the body part of your website.


As you have the option to change fonts of all the headings (H1, H2, H3, H4) you can select a common font for all the headings on your website. Do not use different fonts for all the different headings because it will give an unprofessional look to your website.

When you change any font of your website you can see live changes on the right side of your website. However, if it does not show on your theme you can always refresh and check the changes.

After you make all the changes to the fonts make sure to hit the publish button to save those changes.

So, now we know how to change the fonts of your website using the customize option of your website.

Now let’s move to the second step in which we will learn how to add custom fonts in WordPress website.

2. How to Add Custom Fonts in WordPress Website

To add custom fonts in WordPress website you need to download a plugin called Google fonts.

To install a plugin go to your wordPress dashboard and click on Plugins then click add new.

Now, to search the plugin type the name of the plugin: “Google Font” in the search bar. 

You can read our guide on how to install a plugin in WordPress.


After you have successfully activated the plugin go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Customize option.

After you click customize you now will see a new option added to menu called Fonts Plugin. As shown in the image below.


Click on the Google Fonts and then click on Basic settings.


Now you see options to select and change from different types of fonts. 


To change the fonts of the content of your blog click of first option. And from the second option you can change the fonts of all the headings on your website. 

After you make changes click on the Publish button on the top. The new fonts have been updated successfully on your website. You can refresh your website and check it.


So this was all about how to add custom fonts in WordPress Website.

To change the fonts of your WordPress website try the first method, however if it does not work for your website you may try the second method.

In the second method we have used a Google Fonts plugin to add custom fonts to our WordPress Website.

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