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How to Add Featured Image in WordPress

In this article you will learn how to add featured image in wordpress.

Featured images in WordPress are displayed as a thumbnail of your blog post. 

Images are very important for a blog post to grow. In our brain, 90% of the information is processed in the form of visuals.

So adding featured images is very important for your blog post to get more visitors.

In this article, you will learn how to add featured image in WordPress which would increase your blog visitors.

How to add featured image in WordPress?

To add a featured image in the wordpress. 

Go to the post section and click on add new or you can also click on edit post if you want to add the featured image on your existing post.


After you, in the edit section of your blog, you will see a block on the right side. Scroll down and head over to the featured image.


Click add featured image and you will see a wordpress image library.

You can select any featured image from the wordpress library.

However most of the time you will want to add your own image from your computer.


To add your image from your computer click upload files.

Now you can either drag and drop your featured image or you can also do it manually by clicking on select files.

If you click on select files it will directly take you to your computer’s library. From here search and select your featured image and press continue or open.

You will now automatically be redirected to wordpress library.

Click on the set featured image and you are done.

Now you can click on preview to check how your featured image looks. 

Some Important Points Before You Upload Your Featured Image.

Use Alt text in your featured images

Use your target keyword in the Alt text section of your featured image. 

Make sure to put dash between the two words of your keywords. 

For example your target keyword is “add featured image”. Instead of directly writing it, write it as “add-featured-image”. It will help Google crawler to read your image easily.

Avoid using google images 

Never use google images as your featured images.

As you have just started blogging you might think google images are free. However, google images can not be used in your blog directly.

You have different websites like Freepik, Pixels, Unsplash, etc which provide free images.

Optimize your image before using it as featured image

When you download your featured image from online websites the size of that image would be very large.

Using large sized images on your blog post might make your website slow.

So in order to avoid that you should always optimize all the images of your blog post.

You may read our detailed article on how to optimize images for your blog post

Designing your featured image

Most of the time you do not get the exact image online that you want to use as a featured image.

You can always design a perfect featured image for your blog using some awesome image editing tools available free of cost online.

Recently asked Question on featured image 

1. What is the Ideal featured image size in WordPress?

The ideal featured image size in WordPress is 1200✕628 pixels. This size is perfect for most of the themes in WordPress. 

2. Why my WordPress featured image is too big?

If your wordpress featured image is too big you can always change it in from your wordpress settings.

Open your wordpress dashboard.

Head over to the media section in settings.

You will see the first column as thumbnail size. 

Here you can input the custom height and width of the image and press save.

3. How to fix the featured image appearing twice on my post?

Featured image appears twice on your blog post when you add the same image on your blog content also.

Most of the newbies end up making this mistake. To avoid this mistake you should remove the same image from your blog content. 


So this was a detailed guide on how to add featured image in WordPress. Adding a featured image is quite an easy task in WordPress.

You should avoid using google images in your featured images as they are not free.

There are some online websites that provide you free images.

However, designing your images for your blog is the best option.

You can read how to design and edit images for your blog post by simply drag and drop.

Hope you like this article. Please share it with your friends.

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