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How to Add Internal Links in WordPress

Do you know how to add internal links in WordPress?

Internal links are very important for SEO of a website. Both the internal as well as external links are equally important for a website to rank higher on google.

Adding internal links in WordPress website is very simple and easy process.

A website without internal links would not solve the customer query to the fullest and the bounce rate of that website would increase.

A website with internal links would pass the link juice from one post to the other which is also loved by Google.

It is very easy for Google crawler to crawl all the pages of your website easily through internal linking.

So let’s learn and implement the internal linking on our website to rank all the pages on google easily.

What is an Internal link?

Internal links are text hyperlinks on a page of your website which redirects the visitor to another of the same website.

They create a hierarchy of information on your website by pointing the visitor to some other useful page.

The main motive of internal linking is to provide detailed information to the visitor on a single topic.

What is an external link?

External links are the links from one domain to another domain.

For example if your friend gives the link of your website on any post in his website this is known as external linking.

It is also a backlink for your website.

How internal links help in SEO?

Internal links are created to link all the pages of a website with one another. For example if you start a blog on the topic blogging.

You will have all the posts which will somehow relate to each other.

So in order to redirect the visitor to some other useful page on the same website internal linking is needed.

As a visitor can move from one page to another page of your website in the same way google crawler also moves from one page to another via internal linking which also helps in SEO of all the pages on your website.

Internal links redirect the google crawler to crawl all the posts of your website when you publish a single blog post.

Let’s understand with an example- suppose your website has 49 posts that are interconnected with internal linking.

Now after linking the 50th post when you submit your post to the google search console, google crawler will crawl all 50 posts of your website.

This will help in the flow of authority from higher-ranking pages to lower-ranking pages of your website.

How to add Internal links to Posts and Pages in WordPress

Adding internal links in WordPress is quite an easy task. Follow these simple steps and you are done

Go to edit a post or page in which you want to add internal links.

Now, Select a word or sentence in your blog where you want to add an internal link.

After you selected the text. Click on the link button.


Next, copy the URL of the post that you want to link and paste it into the URL block.

To copy the URL address go to the view section of the post and then copy the URL.


After pasting it in the block press enter.

If you want the linked post to open in the new tab make sure to on the button where it is written open in the new tab.

Usually only third party links are set to open in the new tab. You should not do it when you link your own website post.


These screenshots are to add a link using a block editor. However, if you are using the old classic editor the steps are exactly the same.

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How to add Internal links in WordPress by copy-paste

This is the easiest and fast way to internally link and post.

You can copy the URL of the post that you want to link.

Now, after selecting the text in the post where you want to link right-click and press paste.


WordPress will automatically detect the URL and will interlink that post. Usually, this is the shortest method to do internal linking.

What is Anchor links in the WordPress.

An anchor link is a link within a single post which allows the user to reach on a specific topic on the same page.

It becomes easy for the reader to read the section of the article which he wants to read without reading the whole article.

Anchor links are very important when you write long articles.

Suppose you are reading a long article on internal linking in wordpress.

Now in order to save your time I will link my table of content with all the topics in the article.

Now when you press any topic on the table of content you will be redirected to the same topic in the blog.

Anchor links save time for the reader as he can directly jump from table of content to the topic which he wants to read.

How to add Anchor link

Go to the table of content and select the heading on which you want to add anchor link.

After selecting the heading press on the link. As we did it earlier.

In the next step, you will see the block to enter the URL. Instead of adding a URL, You have to type “#copy and paste heading” as shown in the picture below.


Now, press on internal, and the anchor link is added to the text.

How to add links in WordPress Widget

WordPress is very flexible when it comes to adding links on it. In wordpress you can also add the links to the right sidebar, left sidebar, header, and  footer.

To add the link to your widget section go to Appearance and then Widgets.

In the next step select the text option from the widgets then drag and drop it to the section where you want to add the link.

Now let’s say you have added a text option to the left right sidebar.

In the title section provide the name of the product you are pasting link for.

And in the content section paste the URL or link as you did in the previous step.


Now press save and then press done.

After you refresh your page you will see a link on your left sidebar.

How to add Link to your Menu Bar

In wordpress you can also add multiple custom links to your menu bar.

Menu bar of your website should let the visitor know instantly what the site is about.

It should have easy navigation so that visitors can easily look for the information they want.

If you are running a blog you should add a blog section on your menu which will display all the blogs of your website.

To add the link to your menu bar go to Appearance and then to Menu.


On the left side of the page you will see the custom links option.

Copy and paste the URL in the URL section and enter the text in the text section.

Now press add to the menu and you will see that your custom link has been added to the menu section on the right side of your page.


Now you can adjust the position of all your menu as you like by simply drag and drop.

After you have adjusted the position of your menu press save menu and now it has been added to your menu section also.

How to add a link button in WordPress.

You can also add buttons to your wordpress posts and pages. Button is used to redirect the user to any affiliate site.

Go to any of your posts or pages.

Click on the area where you want to add a button.

You will see an add block option that has a sign of plus on the right side of your block or you can also find it on the top left corner near the WordPress logo.


After you click on add block search for “button” in the search bar.

Click on the button and it will appear on your post.

When you click on the button you will see an option to add a link to the button. Add link in that block and press enter.


You can always change the colour of the button, size, and you can also adjust the button to appear on the left, right, or center of your screen.

To add colour to the button click on button now go to more options and then go to show more options. You can also type (ctrl+shift+,) to colour the button.

Here you can change the text colour on button and button background colour which is quite an easy task.

How to add affiliate links in wordpress.

Adding affiliate links in your wordpress posts and pages is one of the most important parts because affiliate links are a good source to earn a commission.

You can always use the affiliate plugin but adding a button section and providing the affiliate link on button also works very well.

After you have given a detailed review of the product put a button at the end of each article you are promoting.

As I have already explained how to add a button so I would not repeat it again.

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Which tool to use for internal linking

There are many plugins and tools for internal linking but the one I use is link whisper plugin.

Link Whisper plugin is one of the best plugins for internal linking.

It provides suggestions for internal linking within the articles at the end of each article.

This plugin has both a free and paid version but it’s free plugin is also good for you if you are a beginner.

Use this free tool and share your experience in the comment section below if you like it.


Internal links are very important to engage the viewer on your site for a longer period of time which will decrease the bounce rate of your website.

We have discussed how internal linking helps in flow of authority from one page to another.

Here in this post we have covered all the methods to do internal links.

In addition to that in wordpress you can add internal links to different areas which provide a good navigation to the viewer.

Link whisper is the best tool that you should use to do internal linking of your website.

I hope this guide was helpful for you. Do share it if you like it.

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