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How to Add Pinterest “Pin it” button to your WordPress blog

Are you wondering how to add Pinterest “Pin it” button to WordPress blog?

Pinterest is a search engine where users can share and save visuals.

Some of the visuals are connected to a website that is why it is also very popular to drive traffic to websites.

It has 450 million active monthly users. Some bloggers also use it as a source of affiliate marketing

Add Pinterest Pin it button to WordPress using a Plugin

If you are using WordPress then the best way to add a “pin-in” button is by using a free plugin.

Plugins are easy to install in wordpress and you can easily add a new feature to wordpress without any programming. 

You can add the Pinterest “Pin it” button using a plugin known as the Shared count plugin.

It is a social sharing plugin.

This plugin is very simple to use and it’s a free plugin that is good if you are a beginner.

Now lets learn the process.

Install and activate the plugin from your WordPress.

If you are a newbie to WordPress you can check our guide on how to install a plugin in WordPress.

After you have successfully activated the plugin go to the settings and then select shared count.

You will see the display section where you can customize the settings.

You can set the share buttons that you want to display.

There are options to add all the social sharing buttons in this plugin.

Now after you have added all the social networks you now can change the size of the button.


It has about eight button styles to choose from.

You can always try each one and check on your blog which one is the best for you.

Now in the theme location, you can set the location where you want the “pin it” button should be displayed. 

You can use it before the content means at the top of your every blog post or you can select it to display at the end of your blog post. 

The best way is to use it at both the places by choosing the option display before and after content.

Now the last option that you get in this plugin is that on which pages you want the button to be displayed. 

You can select blogs or pages. However, selecting you should only select to display it on the blogs section only.

You can always use the addon of the plugin to enhance the features of the plugin.

The addon is known as a custom Pinterest image addon.

The addon of this plugin is available on Github used to set the custom image that you would like to be pinned by the readers.

Adding Pinterest Pin it button to WordPress using the Widget

To add Pinterest Pin it button to your WordPress blog you need to visit the Pinterest widget builder.

Select the save button as shown in the picture.


Now pic the button type that you want to display.

Now, what button type means here is that do you want to add this button to any specific image or all the images in your blog post. 

You can also choose the image hover if you want. In that case, the user will see the button when he tap on the image.

If you opted for a one image the next option that you see is called custom image.

This option allows you to create your custom button if you want but always read the brand guidelines before you use any custom image.

You are going to use their brand’s logo so they give some guidelines that should be followed.

Next is the size of your Pinterest button you can select it as round and you can also adjust the size to large or small.

Fix it according to your needs.

The next option is to show pin counts.

This allows you to show the number of pin count and you can always adjust it to show at the top of the button or at beside.

You can also hide that if you like. 

Now in the URL section, you need to provide the URL of the website where you want this to display.

Make sure to add the complete URL of your website to prevent any error.


In the image section, you have to provide the URL of the image on which you want the button to be displayed.

If you are using WordPress you can visit your image library to find the URL of the image.

Now after you have finished all the settings copy the code displayed on the right side of your screen. 

Head over to your wordpress dashboard and go to Appearance-theme editor.

Please do not change or erase any code from the theme editor side as it may cause the site to breakdown.

You can always take a backup of your files.

On the ride side of theme editor window you will see two options footer.php 

Open the footer.php and scroll down to the last. 

Paste the code here and don’t forget to press the save button.

Now you can visit your posts and click refresh to see the button. 


Pinterest is a search engine with a growing number of users.

It is a good source to grow the traffic to your blog.

Using a plugin has made it very simple, however, using the widget method is also quite simple as you just have to copy-paste the code. 

I hope now you know how to add Pinterest “pin it” button to your WordPress blog.

Please share this article with your friends if you find it helpful.

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