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How To Add Web Push Notification to Your WordPress Site

Do you want to know how to add web push notification to your WordPress Site?

Push notification is the best way to bring your existing customers to your website when you want to.

Push notifications have shown a dramatic increase in CTR of websites using it.

So let’s learn how to Web push notification to your WordPress Site.

What is Web Push Notification

Web push notification is a pop up message that your visitors get on their computer or mobile phone. 

It is a method of bringing your existing visitors to your website which would increase your website’s traffic.

Web push notifications are not the same as email messages, in fact web push notifications tend to work more. 

Web push notifications are very useful when sending an offer to your visitors. However, sending many notifications the same day might also distract your visitor. 

Benefits of Adding Web Push Notification

When a visitor visits your website there are very less chances that he will return to your website. The reason being he might not remember your website name however, push notifications help you to connect with your readers time to time. 

When you upload a new post to your website you can bring back your visitors by using web push notification. The revisitors are those who like to read your content, so they tend to convert very well.

Unlike email messages web push notifications are not required to open. They display the message on the screen itself.

When you are promoting any offer on your website Web push notifications are very useful. They bring only the targeted audience to your website and chances of conversion of those customers is very high.

Seeing all the benefits does not mean that you should start sending multiple notifications to your visitors which would however annoy them. Websites which are big brands do not send you push notification daily. Most of them use them to promote their offers on special occasions. So avoid sending multiple notifications to your visitors. 

Now, coming to the point, let’s see how to add web push notification to your WordPress site.

How to Add Web Push Notification in WordPress using OneSignal

OneSignal is one of the best plugins to add web push notification to your WordPress site. It takes less than 5 minutes to get started and has a very simple interface. 

So to add web push notification to your WordPress Site follow these steps.

1. Sign Up in OneSignal

To sign up you need to visit the homepage of Onesignal. After you visit the homepage, create your account in OneSignal by clicking on get started.


You may enter your email address manually or you can also signup using google account. To signup with Google account click on Google as shown in the image below.


2. Enter your Website Name

Now, in the next step you have to enter your website name and then select web push and click next.


So, now you have successfully signed up your account in OneSignal.

Now lets move to the next step.

3. Add your WordPress Site to OneSignal.

To add your site to Onesignal click on the second column as show in the image and scroll down after selecting WordPress.


4. Adding Site Name, URL, and Logo

Enter your Websites name and URL in the space provided

In the next step Upload your logo or Icon that you want to get displayed on web push notification.


Click on Upload to upoad the logo of your website. After adding logo click on save button.

Now your website has been added to OneSignal.

5. Adding WordPress Website to OneSignal Account

In the next step you have to add your WordPress with your OneSignal account.

To add your WordPress website to your OneSignal account copy the codes generated(shown below) and paste them in the OneSignal Plugin.

These Codes we will add after we install a plugin


6. Install OneSignal Plugin In Your WordPress

To install OneSignal Plugin head over to plugins from your dashboard and select add new. Then search the plugin OneSignal

You can also check our guide on how to install a plugin in WordPress.


After you install the plugin let’s connect OneSignal account to WordPress site.

7. Adding App ID and REST API key to Plugin

To connect your account you need to add the details shown in the image to the Onesignal plugin.

Go to OneSignal plugin from your WordPress dashboard and click configurations.


Add both the codes here in the OneSignal plugin.

Now copy the details and paste it in the space provided. After you have filled both the coulums now scroll down and press save.

Now you account has been added to your WordPress website.

8. Important Settings Of OneSignal Plugin

Before you proceed you need to ensure some settings of your plugin.

Click OneSignalconfiguration. Scroll down and head over to Sent Notification Settings option as shown in the image below.


If you want that the notification that you send to your visitors should not hide after sometime then make sure to select No as show in the image above. Otherwise you may select yes if you want it to hide after sometime.

Prompt Settings

First Arrow: the first arrows show the button which will display subcribe notification when a visitor opens your website.


Second Arrow: The second arrow show the bell icon which automatically added to the right bottom corner of the page.

This gives the option to the visitor to unsubscribe your website. So we recommend you to keep it off.


So this was all about how to add web push notification to WordPress site using OneSignal Plugin. We have divided this article into several steps to make the process easy to follow. All the steps are very simple make sure to go step by step to avoid any mistake.

Web push notifications are one of the sources to boost you blog traffic.

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Hope this article was helpful for you. Please share this article with your friends if you liked it.

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