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How To Backup and Restore your WordPress site using UpdraftPlus

Want to learn how to backup and restore your WordPress Site? You are in the right place.

A data loss can shut down your online running business within seconds. So, keeping a backup of your Website is very important. 

In this article, we will discuss how to backup and restore your WordPress site using UpdraftPlus plugin. 

So, before we start let’s learn in short what is a backup and why do you need it. 

What is a backup of a Website

Backup of a website means a copy of all your content and pages on your website which could be useful during any data loss.

A backup includes everything that is present on your website for example:- your content, comments, pages and also all the plugins and links present on your website.

Why do you need a Backup of your website?

WordPress is the most secured database management system.

However, there are possibilities that your website might get hacked by hackers. They can steal your content and destroy all your websites data.

So the backup of your site is the most important thing. 

Data loss can lead to destroying your precious time, efforts and money that you spend on your website.

Additionally there are chances that your site might get crashed and you could not login to your WordPress dashboard as it will give you an error showing: “this site can’t be reached.” 

Backup allows you to restore your website again if it gets crashed or hacked. So it is very important for your website.

There are several plugins on WordPress that can help you backup your site data.

However, UpdraftPlus is one of the best plugin and it is also preferred by most of the top bloggers. 

So, now let’s learn how to backup your site using UpdraftPlus in WordPress.

How to Backup your Site Using UpdraftPlus

To backup your WordPress site with updraftPlus install a plugin called UpdraftPlus from your WordPress plugins.

You may learn How to Install a Plugin in WordPress- Step by Step Guide

So after you have installed and activated the UpdraftPlus Plugin head over to the settings of the plugin.

In the first step you need to select how often you want to store backup of your content and files. If you post once or twice in a week you can select a weekly option.

And in front of both these options select 4, this means UpdraftPlus will keep the backup of 4 weeks data every time before deleting the previous data.. 


Before you start your backup you need to choose a remote storage where you want your website’s data to be stored.

However if you do not choose any remote storage your data will get stored in your websites server.

Storing data in the website server is not recommended as it will not help to recover your website when hacked or crashed.  

One good thing about UpdraftPlus is that you get several storage options such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Email, Google Cloud, etc. 

In my case I have selected Email as you can see in the image.

However, if you choose Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive you will have to link your Google Drive or any account that you choose to Updraft.

Go to the link account and then enter your email and password to link your Google drive account. 

After you select your preferred location for storage. Scroll down  and you will see an option “Include in files backup”.

Make sure you select all the three options:- plugins, themes, uploads if they are not selected by default.


Again scroll down and press save changes to save all the changes you made.

After making all the changes head over to the backup/restore option in the UpdraftPlus.


Now you are all set to backup your data, to start your backup click on Backup Now. 

Your website data is now getting backed up. You can also check it the image above.

After your site’s backup is finished  you just have to scroll down to existing backups and you will see one new backup is found. 

How to use this backup? 

Suppose you accidently deleted your homepage of your website.

You simply need to open the UpdraftPlus plugin and click on the restore option in the backup.


After you restore the backup you now have your homepage restored as earlier.  

Restore your Site’s Backup when your Site is Crashed/Hacked

When you delete some page from your website, restoring your site’s data is easy.

However what will you do if your site gets crashed or hacked?

In this case you can not login to your WordPress dashboard as it will give an error:- site not found.

So, to resolve this issue you have to first log in to your host account and follow these simple steps.

After you login to your host account click on the “manage” button next to your website name.


Click on the three dots in the next step as shown in the image.


Now you will see an option delete. Click on it to delete your cached wordpress and the install a fresh WordPress. 

To learn about WordPress installation read our guide how to install a WordPress on your blog.

After installing the WordPress on your website, you now have a fresh website with no content in it.

So let’s learn how to get back our site’s data by UpdraftPlus.

Install and activate the UpdraftPlus plugin on your wordpress. 

If you are a beginner you may also like to read What is a Plugin in WordPress-Detailed Guide 2021.

After activating the plugin, go to settings of the plugins and then click on Existing Backup.

You will see that there is no backup file found on your existing backup section.

This is because you have not connected your Google Drive account to the Updraft plugin.

After you have successfully linked the Your storage account to the plugin you now can see the backup of your website.


To restore your site click on restore and you will see your old website with all the data and files on it. 

Sometimes when you update your plugins on WordPress you may find some content missing on Your website. This is very rare case which can happen in WordPress.

In order to prevent that you can buy the premium UpdraftPlus plugin. The premium version of UpdraftPlus ensures to take backup before your plugins get updated automatically.

Additionally, you also get free customer support in the premium plugin.


So this was all about how to backup and restore your WordPress site using the UpdraftPlus plugin.

Losing website data could be very painful for you. Sometimes years of your hard work is gone within seconds just because you do not have the backup of your site’s data.

So, it’s better to backup your data with this plugin.

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I hope you enjoyed reading our article and this was helpful for you to restore your website data as you had earlier. 

Please share this article if you find it helpful.

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