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How to Boost Your Blog Traffic Using LSI Keywords

Want to boost your blog traffic? Using LSI Keywords in your blog post is the best way to do that.

If you are a beginner in blogging you might want to do lots of SEO on your website, however the best SEO for your website is your blog content. 

SEO is important but it is always secondary. The best thing that you can provide is quality content to your visitors.

Google and other search engines uses LSI keywords to scan the content on your website. 

Additionally using LSI keywords in the blog post you can avoid keyword stuffing.

So, let’s learn how to boost your blog traffic using LSI keywords in your blog.

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What are LSI Keywords?

LSI keywords are the words or phrases that are related to your keyword.

When you search your keyword on Google you see many suggestions by google that are related to your keyword, these are called LSI keywords.

For example if you search “how to start blogging” on Google you will see some suggestions by google as:- blogging, blog, blog post etc.

These search results are shown in bold letters in the topic, meta description and in related searches which are at the bottom of the page.

Have you ever realized why you see these results?

These results are suggested by google because all these results relate to your main keyword “how to start blogging.”

Latent Semantic Indexing helps Google understand your blog post topic easily.

Using LSI keywords along with the main keywords gives better results in Google ranking 

Why Should You Use LSI keywords in Your Blog Post?

Google has improved its search criteria with time.

There was a time when Google used to rank those pages on Google search that used keywords more frequently in their blog post.

Keyword stuffing use to work very well to rank a post on Google.

However, it does not work now, keyword stuffing now is considered spamming by Google which would decrease your site’s ranking. 

As Google can not understand our emotions so by using LSI keywords in the blog post you tell google about your targeted keyword.  

So, including LSI keywords in your blog post helps google to understand your topic properly which also improves your google ranking.

How to Boost your Blog Traffic Using LSI Keywords?

Before you include LSI keywords in your blog post I Want to make it clear that these keywords should only be used where they are required.

You should not write your content for Google, instead you should write it for humans to read.

Slug- A slug or permalink should not be altered after you publish a blog post. So you can use LSI keywords in the slug of the blog post. This will also add up the SEO score of your website.

Content- You can include LSI keywords in the content of the blog post but using LSI keywords does not mean your targeted keyword is not important.

Using LSI keywords in the content of your blog also increase google ranking of your blog post.

Your targeted keyword is very important so you only have to use LSI keywords to provide more clarity in your content.

Do not try to do keyword stuffing as it may decrease your google ranking.

LSI keywords should only be used where it is required and fits well in the sentence.

Meta Description- Using LSI keywords in the meta description is also a good way to boost your ranking on Google.

Most of the top ranking pages on google have LSI keywords in the meta description.

However, this does not mean you can use all the synonyms of your keywords in your content or meta description.

Always try to deliver the best information without keyword stuffing.

Can A Blog Rank Without Using LSI Keywords?

LSI keywords are golden keywords to rank your blog post on Google, However your blog can also rank without using any LSI keywords.

Using LSI keywords means doing some extra efforts for On page SEO.

If you write long blog posts LSI or latent semantic indexing would be very helpful for your blog post 


Latent Semantic Indexing is an important SEO factor that need to be considered while writing a blog post.

LSI keywords clarify your blog topic to Google without using the same keyword again and again in your blog post.

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LSI keywords also enhances your blog ranking as well as traffic on Google as it is already loved by search engines.

I hope this article was helpful for you. Please share this article with your friends if you like it.

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