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How To Choose A Blogging Niche

Do you want to start a blog? But not sure about which niche to start. Here you will definitely get your answer on how to choose a blogging niche that is profitable for you.

If you are a beginner their are chance that you are not aware about what is a niche?

A niche is a topic on which you start your blog.

For example, Bloggingblock is a blog that has a niche about Blogging. So here I talk about only blogging-related topics.

Hope now its clear what is a niche.

Before you start, you might be wondering why to choose a niche for your blog?

Why can’t you blog on any random topics that come to your mind in the same blog? Let me explain you briefly.

Why to choose a blogging niche.

Targeted Audience– Blogging on different topics on a single blog will not get the targeted audience to your blog.

A person who wants to read about mobile phones may not be interested in automobiles.

Helps in SEO of a Site– Blogging on a single topic will increase search engine optimization of your site.

It also helps you to internally link your blog posts.

Good conversion on monetization– When you blog on a single topic, you can monetize your blog with a product that is related to your niche.

And your audience will love that which will lead to better conversion.

Increase in google ranking– Google also loves the sites which provide a detailed information about a particular topic.

It will definitely increase the ranking of your website.

Till now I hope it’s very clear why choosing a niche is important.

If you are a beginner it might be difficult for you to select a niche.

Now you will learn how to choose a blogging niche.

How to choose a Blogging Niche?

Many bloggers start blogging without doing proper niche research.

And after 3-4 months, they end up giving up.

Let me explain to you why bloggers fail?

Most of the bloggers start blogging just to earn money.

They does not want to provide any value to customers.

If you have the same mindset believe me there are high chances of your failure.

Blogging is not just one day process.

It takes time. In some cases, it may take 1 year or more to get success in blogging.

Patience and consistency in blogging are most important factors.

Follow these simple steps to finalize your niche.

1. Choose a Topic That You Like.

Blogging is all about providing the best knowledge about a particular topic and that too in detail.

Choosing a topic that you like the most and start blogging about it will definitely lead to success.

The topic of your blog could be a subject of your studies, your hobby, or it could also be a topic which you love to learn about.

For example- If you are interested in technology.

Then starting your blog related to technology would be the best idea.

Now comes the main question that you might be having in your mind right now.

How to choose a topic that you like the most.

Are you finding it difficult to choose a topic that you like?

Well, it’s very simple. In fact, everyone has the same problem when starting as a beginner.

Note down all the topics that excite you on a paper.

You can check in your living room what you love doing.

It could also be your hobby, a sport or anything that you like doing.

Lets suppose you came up with 10 blogging niches that you are interested in.

After you noted them down you simply have to follow the step two which is mentioned below.

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2. Check Trend of Your Blogging Niche

Now, the next important step is to check whether your blogging niche is profitable or not.

You can check this on google trends.

Google trends Shows the trend of any topic which gives an idea about our niche that it is profitable for future or not.

You just have to type your niche that you finalized in step 1 and check whether the graph is going up or down.

For example- If you choose a niche smartwatch as shown below in the image.

The graph of this niche is going upwards.

That means it is a profitable niche for the future.


The search volume of this niche will also increase which will increase the traffic of your blog.

If you are targeting a specific country you can also check the trend for that country.

3. Choosing a Micro-Niche

What is a micro-niche?

A micro-niche is a small topic under a category of your niche.

For example, if you like to blog on a topic that is related to technology. Choosing technology as a niche would not be a good idea.

In fact, you should choose a small category under technology.

For example you can choose smartwatch as a niche.

This will ensure that your audience is targeted and will be interested in your other posts also.

It will decrease the bounce rate of your website and user will like to read more than 1 blog post from your website.

4. Check Affiliate Programs of your Niche

Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone’s product on your blog and when it gets sold you get a commission for that.

When you choose your niche make sure to choose one in which you can promote affiliate products related to your niche.

For example, if you choose smartwatch as your blogging niche, you can promote Amazon affiliate links of smartwatches on your blog and earn a good commission.

So always try to choose a niche on which you can promote affiliate products also.

5. Look on Amazon Associate products

You can also get an idea of your niche by searching popular products on Amazon.

Search on google for Amazon associate commission list.

You will get all the product categories with their commissions mentioned on sale.

From there you can get an idea of your niche.

Now lets talk about what you will get as a commission

Let’s suppose that your niche is Smartwatch. For selling 1 smartwatch, you get a commission of 9%.

Now, if someone buys a smartphone worth Rs 10,000 from your affiliate link you will instantly get a commission of 900 Rs.

That’s cool Right?

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Choosing the right niche for your blog is very important for your blogging Journey.

If you are a beginner follow these 5 points mentioned in this article you will definitely get your perfect niche.

After you decided on your niche always try to write content which is unique. Check your competitors but never copy their content.

When you are starting as a beginner always write blogs to provide value to your customers not to earn money.

Once you start implementing this you will definitely become a successful blogger.

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