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How To Create Amazon Affiliate Link for your Website

Are you wondering how to create an Amazon affiliate link? You are in the right place.

Amazon was the first company to introduce affiliate marketing. It was introduced in 1996.

Amazon Uses cookies on your web browser to track any sale that you generate. You get paid on Amazon for every sale you make. 

Before we start our guide on how to create an Amazon affiliate link make sure you have signed up for an Amazon associate account.

What is an Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon is among one the largest affiliate networks in the world.

Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products and getting paid some commission on every successful sale.

However in Amazon affiliate program you can not share the links directly to your friend and family via any email or message to earn commission. 

How To Create Amazon Affiliate Links

First Method 

After you have successfully logged in to the Amazon associates account, search for any product you want to sell.

Let’s assume you searched for a business laptop.

Now, Check the top left section called Amazon associate site stripe. 

Here you can copy affiliate links for your product.


You get different types of links for different platforms you promote.

Text:- You can use this link if you need the link in text format. You also get an option to use a short link instead of a long one.

Image:- If you want a link in which the image of the product should be displayed, then you should use this option.

This link works very well when you display the product on the right sidebar of your website or blog.

You can adjust three different sizes of the image by selecting the appropriate size of image.

Text plus Image:- You can use this option if you want to display text plus images when you place the link on your website.

This option also works pretty well because when you use this link the name of Amazon will get displayed with the product. 

Note:-Never try to make your links short using any tool as it is against Amazon’s guidelines.

Second Method

As the first method is simply and easy to use method.

However, this method is for those bloggers who want to customize their affiliate ads.

After you successfully login to your Amazon associate account click on Product linking- Product links.


Now you get an option to search your product as you did earlier or you can also search the product using ASIN number.

Using an ASIN number is the easiest way to search for the product on Amazon.

You will find the ASIN number of the product in the additional information section of the product. 

Now after you have searched for the product click on get link option.


After you click on the link you get two options.

You can either instantly get the link of the product or you can also build a link and widget for the product.

This option is mostly used to customize the product according to your choice.

You can make some minor changes to your product image.

For example:- You can change the colour of title of the product and also its background colour.

You can also change the background colour of the image according to your needs.


After customization you get a link at the bottom which you can copy and paste it where you want to display the product.

How Not to get Banned on Amazon associates

Sending Amazon affiliate links via Email.

Never send your affiliate link via Email or any message as it is against the guidelines of Amazon.

However you can use Amazon affiliate links on your site and then share your site’s URl via emails.

According to Amazon you are not allowed to share the affiliate links to any website which do not belong to you. 

Link cloaking or Shortening

According to Amazon, when your customer sees the link on your website or blog he should know that he is being directed to Amazon through that affiliate link.

Shortening of your affiliate link or cloaking the link is not allowed.

If you do this your account will get banned.

So, you can use short links which are provided by Amazon instread of using any link cloaking plugin or tool.

Using your affiliate link to buy products from Amazon

You can not use Amazon affiliate link for yourself in order to get commission.

If you are new to affiliate marketing you might make this mistake.

However, it is against their policy.

When you sign up for an Amazon associate you have to make three sales within 180 days.

Some new affiliate marketers tend to buy those 3 products using their family members account.

This is again not right and if amazon gets to know it your account will get suspended

Creating Multiple affiliate accounts

Most of the new bloggers or affiliate marketers make this mistake.

They create multiple Amazon affiliate accounts which are not permitted by Amazon.

Instead of using multiple accounts you can add up to 100 domains of your website on a single amazon affiliate account.

Using  Amazon Reviews on your Website

You can not use the reviews and ratings given by customers on your website directly.

However, you can always read the reviews on Amazon and describe the product in your own words.

The best way to promote any affiliate product is to use it in your personal life and then write about that product.

After all, affiliate marketing is not about earning money, it is about recommending the best product to your customers.

Affiliate Disclosure Page

Using Affiliate disclosure page on your website or blog is very important.

Moreover affiliate disclosure should be present on every page of your website which contains Amazon affiliate products.

You do not have to manually put it on your each page.

You can install a plugin in WordPress known as “Ad Inserter”.

Using this free plugin you can insert the affiliate disclosure in the header section of you blog.

Promoting any illegal Activities on your Website

Your website should not promote any illegal activities or should not have any sexual related content.

Doing this will also result in banning of your affiliate account.

Your website should not have any link of a website which violates these policies. 

Using price tags on your website

Amazon does not permit  any user to write the prices of products on their website.

Now you might be thinking why can’t we discuss the price of the product on our website.

The only reason for this is the prices of the products keep on changing on Amazon according to the deals and offers.

However you can always describe the price giving your own opinion.


This was all about how to create Amazon affiliate link.

The first method is very simple and easy to use.

However some bloggers prefer to customize the text colour and background colour for that second method can be used.

There are also some policy guidelines mentioned that you need to follow to prevent your account from being banned.

I hope this article was helpful for you. Please share it with your friend if you like it.

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