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How to Create Table of Contents in WordPress Posts and Pages

Want to know how to create table of contents in WordPress posts and Pages? 

Table of contents makes it easy for your visitors to navigate through long blog posts.

The visitors can easily reach the specific topic that he wants to read without scrolling through the whole article.

Table of Contents in WordPress can be added by writing HTML and by using a plugin. 

In this guide we will be using a Plugin to create the table of contents,

So let’s learn how to create table of contents in WordPress posts and pages in details.

Create Table of Content in WordPress Posts and Pages Manually

To create Table of content in WordPress Posts and Pages manually you need to install a plugin called easy table of contents.

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Go to your WordPress dashboard and search for a plugin called “Easy Table of Contents.”

This is a plugin which will help us to create table of content in WordPress posts and pages. 

After you have successfully activated this plugin, now it’s time to do some settings for the plugin.

Go to the settings on your dashboard and select the Table of Contents option.


Now here you can see all the settings of the plugins.

Let’s say you want to create Table of Contents on all the posts of your website.

Click on posts in the settings of the plugin and then scroll down and press save.

Now when you edit your post or write a new post a new section has been added at the bottom to enable table of contents on the post. 


To enable the table of content to the new post make sure to tick the option: enable table of content as shown above in the image.

You should also tick all the headings that you want to display under table of contents.

After you have ticked all the options click on update and the table of contents is now added to your post.

In this manual process you have to add the Table of Content to all your posts one by one. So now let’s learn how you can add table of content to all your posts at once.

Create Table of Content in All WordPress Posts

To create table to contents to all the posts on your website automatically, head over to the settings and the select table of contents.

Now here you see an option called “auto Insert”. After you click on this button, scroll down and click on save changes.


Now you can refresh and check that every post on your website has a Table of Contents.

How to remove Table of Contents from a Particular Post

Now in the next step you will learn how you can remove the Table of Contents from a particular post.

Again go to the settings of the plugins and scroll down, you will see an option called limit path.

In the limit path you need to enter only the path link of your post. Path link is the link to your post excluding your domain name.

For example if you have written a post on laptops the pathlink of your post will be as shown in the bold letters below:


Enter the path link for your post and click save changes.  Now you can check that the posts on laptops do not have the Table of Contents.

How to remove a particular heading from Table of contents

To remove a particular heading from the Table of Contents go to the dashboard of your website and head over to edit post.

Scroll down to the bottom and you will see an option called “Exclude Headings”.

Simply copy the heading from your post that you want to exclude from the table of contents and paste it in the column.


After you click update the heading that you pasted into the exclude section is now removed from the table of contents.


So this was all about how to create table of contents in WordPress posts and pages by installing  a plugin called Easy Table of Contents. 

To learn more you may read our blog on how to install a plugin in WordPress.

Table of content also reduces the bounce rate of your website as the user does not have to search for a topic manually on a long blog post.

Hope this article was helpful for you. Please share this article if you like it.

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