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How to Fill Bluehost Affiliate Tax form as an Indian

Are you facing problems to fill the Bluehost affiliate tax form as an Indian? If yes then you are in the right place.

Bluehost has become one of the best hosting provider companies with its best services. The best thing about bluehost is that anyone can join the Bluehost affiliate program.

You do not need any approval on your account and Bluehost pays you $65 as a commission for every sale you make as a beginner. For some pro affiliates, the Commission is $120 as they generate a good number of sales for Bluehost.

So let’s learn how to fill Bluehost Affiliate Tax form as an Indian or any other country except U.S.

How to fill Bluehost Affiliate Tax form as an Indian

As a beginner you have signed up for Bluehost affiliate program and might be very excited to promote and generate your first sale. 

However, suddenly you saw a message popup on your affiliate dashboard which reads: “Our records indicate we do not have a tax form on file for your account. In order to receive payment for any referrals you must complete the required form.

To resolve this issue, please submit your tax form at this page.”

The text that I have made bold might make you lose all your motivation and excitement to promote Bluehost hosting. The main reason behind this problem is that in India or other countries you might not have several information to fill such as SSn or ITIN number. 

Do not worry all your queries will be solved by the end of this article.

So let’s see how to fill Bluehost affiliate tax form as an Indian.

Login to your Bluehost affiliate dashboard and click on settings and then select tax form.


After you click on the tax form the first question appears on your screen: are you a U.S. person. Select no as you are not from the U.S.

A form called W-8 will open up after you click on no option.

Look at the image below and fill in the details accordingly as it may save your time. However, if you like to read and then implement then you may keep on following the steps.

In the first option, you have to fill in your name followed by country in the second option.


Now, enter your complete address with city and country. When you enter the address do not write the address as “P.O. box” instead only enter the place separating with comma.


In the next step, you will see the U.S. taxpayer identification number which you have to leave it blank.

Foreign tax identification number and reference. Leave both the option blank as yo do not have to provide any information about these details.


Make sure to enter your date of birth in the space provided.

Now in the next step, you will see 4 options ( shown in the image above) which are about the claim of tax treaty benefits. Leave all the options blank and move forward to the next step.

In the last step, you have to provide your signature. But before you fill the options make sure to tick the small box that states “yes I have read and acknowledged certifications”.


After you successfully tick on the box now fill your name in the option which states “signature of the beneficial owner”. Date will be filled automatically and leave the last option also blank.

Now press on Submit tax form.

After your form gets submitted you will see a message: “Your new tax form has been submitted. please allow a few days for your form to be verified.”


So this was all about how to fill Bluehost affiliate tax form as an Indian. You may also like to read How To Install WordPress On Bluehost Hosting- (Beginners Guide).

Most affiliate programs require an affiliate tax form and the process is almost the same. After you submit the Bluehost affiliate tax form, you will get verified within few days and then you may receive your affiliate commission.

I hope this article was helpful for you. Please share this article with your friends if you like it.

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If you have any other suggestions regarding the Bluehost affiliate tax form submission you may let us know in the comment section below. I have shared this knowledge based on what worked for me.

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