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How To Fix Featured image Appearing Twice in WordPress Post

Are you wondering how to fix featured image appearing twice in WordPress post? You are in the right place.

There is no doubt images make your content look more attractive and engage viewers on your content for longer duration.

However, if two same images appears one after the other in your content then it may look awkward.

This probably happens when you are new to WordPress and you tend to use your featured image in the blog content also.

However, in some rare cases it might be the problem of WordPress theme that you are using.

So, let’s learn how to fix featured image appearing twice in WordPress post and how to avoid this in your future blog posts.

What is Featured Image in WordPress

Featured image is the image that appears on the thumbnail of the content when the visitor sees it or shares it on social networks.

Featured image with proper heading and an image can increase the traffic of your blog post.

For example:- when you search your queries on google, you click on the article that has a good and detailed featured image.

So, featured image should be one which attract your visitors to click on your blog post.

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So, let’s learn how to fix featured image appearing twice in wordpress.

How To Fix Featured Image Appearing Twice in WordPress Post


There are mainly two main reasons why featured image appear twice in your wordPress post.  

  1. When you insert featured image in the content section.
  2. There is a problem with your theme.

So let’s understand both the reasons in details and learn how to fix this problem.

1. When you Insert Featured Image In the Content

Most of the new bloggers face this problem when they add the same image in the blog post as well as in the featured image.

When you write your blog post you prefer to start your blog post with an image. Well, that’s totally fine to start a blog post with an image.

However, in WordPress you have to avoid adding an image after your heading or in the beginning of your blog post.

Are you still confused, let me explain you in detail.

When you set a featured image in WordPress it will automatically be shown in the starting of your blog post after you publish the post.

If you separately add it in your blog content and in the featured image, you will see this image two times after you publish this blog post.

How To Avoid This Problem?

To avoid featured image appearing twice in your blog post you have to remove it from your content and only use it in your featured image section.

When you use it in the featured image section it will also be displayed in your content before the heading of your blog post.


To set an image as a featured image head over to the right side of your block editor (where your are writing the content).

Click on post and then scroll down to the featured image option as shown it the picture above.

Why Featured Image is not displayed in the Block Editor?

Now, you might be thinking why can’t you see two images while you edit or write your blog post.

This is because Featured image of your blog post is displayed by WordPress theme and other images in your content are displayed by the block editor. 

So when you edit your content or write a new blog post you will never see the featured image in the block editor where you write your content.

2. There is a problem with your theme

This issue is very rare as most of the themes support featured image.

However, if your problem is not resolved after applying the first method then the issue is with your theme.

In this case its better you should contact your theme developers or in worst cases you can change your WordPress theme.


So this was all about how to fix featured image appearing twice in WordPress post. 

Beginners often tend to make this mistake. However in some rare cases it might be an issue with your WordPress theme. 

You should not insert the featured image in your content to avoid appearing it twice. 

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I hope this article was helped you to solve your problem. Share this article with your friends if you find it helpful.

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