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How to Get Traffic To your Blog From Quora

Struggling to get traffic to your blog? In this article we will discuss how to get traffic from quora and that too free traffic.

Quora is the world’s biggest question and answer website which gets about 3.3 million unique views per day.

There are bloggers who drive massive amounts of traffic to their blog using Quora.

Using Quora you will see traffic within the 1st week. You don’t have to use any paid method to get traffic to your website.

So let’s learn how to get traffic to your blog from Quora within 1 week from today.

What type of Website is Quora?

Quora is a question and answer website where people ask their question relating to any topic in the world.

As in your day to day life you might have many questions about your business, your personal life, and much more.

Quora is a place where you can just type your questions and wait for the replies from experts, or any random people who have knowledge about your question.

More than 12000 questions are answered daily on quora which means your question will definitely get answered by someone on Quora.

How to Get Traffic To your Blog from Quora

What do you think about getting traffic from Quora? Is it really possible to drive traffic from Quora to your Blog or website?

Yes, It is possible to drive to your blog from Quora easily and too in a very short period of time.

Let me tell you in short how simple it is.

➢    Just go to Quora, search your niche

➢    Answer some questions on your Niche

➢    Add your blog link to your Website and see the traffic.

Do not spam your Answers with the links otherwise Quora will directly ban your account.

Step by Step Guide How To Get Traffic From Quora

Searching Questions in Quora

Just go to Quora and type the niche of your blog or you can also type any topic of your blog post that you want to answer.


Now, Why do you have to search questions related to your niche only?

Let me explain you with an example: Suppose I have a blog on technology, I cannot answer questions related to health and drive traffic to my blog.

So, it is very important to go in the write direction to get better results earlier.

When you type your niche on Quora, It gives you the lists of questions that people have asked about your niche on Quora.

You will see the number of followers in front of each question on Quora, The number of followers indicates how many people are interested in the particular question.

So, let’s go and find questions with more followers and answer them. Is it what you are thinking? If yes, you are wrong here you also have to answer new questions also which might result in getting you more traffic as no one have answered them.

So always try to answer both new and existing questions to get traffic to your blog from quora.

Answering the questions

After you have selected the questions it is obvious that now you have to answer them.

You simply have to pick 2-3 questions each day and start answering them in detail.

It will hardly take you half an hour or less to answer those questions but believe me it is worth answering those questions.

When you will select a particular question to answer on Quora, you will also see some related questions on the right sidebar.


You can also answer them. You will see many other people have also answered the same question, you can always read them before answering but never try to copy.

When you answer any question on Quora always try to provide value with your answer.

Use some Proven methods in your Answers

The best way to answer the question is to research and write using some proven methods or you can also use number data in the starting of your answers. 

For example let’s say you are answering a question on technology, you may give data in numbers how technology is increasing day by day. 

This makes your answer look more well researched and deep. 

Most important, always use images in your answers. Images make your answers more engaging and they attract more visitors to your answer.

Adding your Website Links in Answers

This is the most important part of driving traffic to your blog from Quora.

However, If you add a link to your blog on every single answer from the day one you will definitely get banned by Quora.

Yes, you heard it right Quora will ban your account.

So, what is the correct method to write answers and get traffic by adding links?

When you sign up to Quora, try to answer 2-3 questions each day and continue this for seven days without adding any link to your website or blog.

This will build your reputation in Quora as you are providing value to your customer.

After one week you can start adding links in your answers but not on every answer. Suppose you answered 14 questions in the second week you may add links in 5 of your answers. 

Why I’m telling you this step by step because following this method you can build a good reputation and trust on Quora.

After you have built your trust on Quora you will never get banned on Quora.

After following this procedure for a few months you can then add links in every answer and Quora will not ban you.


So this was all about how to get traffic to your blog using Quora.

There are some paid methods also to get traffic to your blog using Quora but that we will discuss in the upcoming blog.

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If you are a beginner paid methods are never recommended for you. 

Follow these steps as a beginner and then go for paid methods.

Hope this article was helpful for you. Please share this article with your friends if you like it.

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