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How to Hide Widget Title in WordPress

Do you want to hide widget title in WordPress?

The Widget block in WordPress is very useful to display banner ads, videos, recent posts, search bar, and social sharing buttons.

 In the same way the widget title is also very important for your visitors to provide the proper navigation on your website.

However, for some widgets you may want to hide the title of the widget, for example in the search bar most bloggers avoid using the title.  

In WordPress you do not get this option to hide the widget. So let’s see how to hide widget title in wordpress with the easiest way possible.

What is Widget in WordPress and How It is Helpful?

Widget in wordPress are the additional blocks which appear on the left and right side or in the footer of a blog. These blocks allow the bloggers to add additional information related to the website.

Widget block is helpful for a reader as well as the content writer in the following ways-

When a reader is reading the blog he may have certain queries which he can search in the search bar. This will also decrease the bounce rate of the your website

The reader may also want to read the recently published articles which he can easily see on the right side of blog. This will again engage the reader on your blog for longer duration.

The reader may want to share the article on social platforms. It will increase the traffic of your blog post.

How to Hide Widget Title in WordPress

WordPress does not have an inbuilt feature to hide the title of widgets.

You can easily do this by installing a plugin known as Widget Options.


This plugin makes it super easy to hide the widget title in wordpress. You may also want to learn how to install a plugin in WordPress

After you have installed and activated Widget Options plugin in your WordPress head over to the widget section.

Go to Appearance section in the dashboard and then select widgets.

Here you can drag and drop the widgets to the section where you want it to display.


As shown in the picture above from the left side you can drag any widget and can drop it to any section on the right side.

Now, click on the widget block for which you want to hide the title.

Let’s say you want to hide the title for search bar.

Head over to the search widget in the right sidebar as it is displayed there by default.


Click on the small icon in fronth of search bar and then click on the check to hide widget option as shown in the picture above.

Make sure to press save button at last.

Now you can refresh and check if the title of the widget is removed.


So this was all about how to hide widget title in WordPress.

You can also use the html codes in the theme of your blog to hide widget title. However, using a plugin to add this feature is much easier.

You may also like to read how to install a plugin in WordPress.

I hope this article helped you to hide Widget title in WordPress blog. Please share this article with your friends.

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