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How To Install Google Analytics In WordPress- Beginners Guide

Are you wondering how to install google analytics in wordpress? You are in the right place.

Google Analytics is a free tool by google. It is the most important tool for a WordPress user to track all the traffic coming to his website from different sources.

Google Analytics has a simple and user-friendly interface. Additionally, it is easy to install in WordPress.

There are several ways to install google analytics in WordPress. However You will be learning the simplest and the easiest way to install google analytics on your website.

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool by Google to track all the data of your website. It helps you know the following data on your website.

  • How many visitors are visiting your site?
  • Which are the most visited pages on your website?
  • What links are your users clicking more on your website?
  • How much time the visitor is spending on your website?
  • Countries from where your visitors are visiting your website.

Why Google Analytics is Important For Your Website

Every website on google is designed to provide some value to their targetted viewers. Google Analytics tracks the detailed report of your visitors which eventually can help you improve your website’s content to add more value to the web.

Blogging is all about knowing your viewer and providing value to your users. Successful bloggers Work on these two factors the most. The more you help your visitors the more you grow in this field.

So let us understand what information can you monitor via Google Analytics and how can you improve your content?

With Google Analytics you can monitor the blog posts that are most liked by your viewers and the blog post that have a higher bounce rate.

You can know from which country your traffic is coming to your site.

You also get information about which links your visitors click more, their search queries, the specific country of your visitor, and many more additional reports.

These details are more than enough for a blogger to improve his content and attract more visitors to his website.

How to install google analytics in WordPress

To install google analytics in WordPress you need to follow three steps-

  1. Sign up in a Google Analytics account.
  2. Install a plugin called “Site Kit by Google” in your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Connect Your Google Analytics account to Site Kit plugin.

Now let’s follow these three steps and connect our Google Analytics to WordPress.

To sign up for a Google analytics account- type Google Analytics in Google search and you will be asked to log in to your Gmail account.


Type your email address and password to sign in to your google account.

After you successfully sign in for your email account in the next step you have to enter the account name.

In google analytics, one account can have multiple websites so you can enter any name that you like.


After you have entered the name of your account scroll down and press next.

Now, in the next step, you will see a page asking you what you want to measure- Web, Apps, or Apps and Web. 

As we are creating an account to measure our website’s analytics. You need to press the “web” and then Click Next.


You will see the “property setup” where you need to enter your website’s name, website URL, and the time zone of your country. 


Once you have entered all three options click create.

Now you have successfully created your google analytics account.

The next step is to install a plugin called Site Kit by Google on our WordPress dashboard.

You may also want to learn how to install a plugin in WordPress if you’re new to WordPress.

To install a plugin go to your WordPress dashboard and search for a plugin called “Site Kit by Google”.

Click install and then activate it on your website.


After activating the plugin click on Start Setup and then click sign-in on the next page that appears.


Then sign in with your Google account that you just created. 


Now click “Allow” and then click “Proceed.”

Again click “Allow” to set-up the plugin and then click on “Add Site.”


So, now you have successfully completed the setup for the Site kit plugin.

Now it’s time to connect the google analytics account to your WordPress website.

To connect Google Analytics to WordPress website follow these simple steps

Open your WordPress dashboard and you will see a new menu added to your WordPress dashboard as Site Kit .

Click Site Kit and then head over to Analytics

Now click connect service in the analytics section as shown below.


Then sign in to your google account and click Allow.

After you click allow it will take you to a new page where you will see the account name that you created in google analytics.


Finally, click on “Configure Analytics” to connect this account to your WordPress website.

After you click configure analytics now your google analytics is connected to your WordPress website.

It will display on the screen as connected, as shown in the image above.

How To Use Google Analytics

Now, as you already know how to install google analytics in WordPress.Let us learn how to use Google Analytics to track visitors on your website.

To track important data about your site go to Sitekit and then Analytics.

You will see three graphs as discussed below in detail.

1.Audience overview in the last 28 days.


Users- In this section you can see the number of users that visited your website in the last 28 days.

And below in the line graph, you can see the users on your site for each day of the month. 

Sessions- Sessions are the total number of visitors on your site including new as well as old.

One user can create multiple sessions on a single website as every time he visits your website an additional session is counted.

Bounce Rate- Bounce rate is the average number of bounces across all of your pages divided by the total number of visits across all of those pages within the same period.

Session duration- session duration is how long a visitor is staying on your website.

You can decrease the bounce rate and increase the session duration of your website by doing internal linking on your blog posts.

You may also want to read how to add internal linking on a WordPress website to decrease the bounce rate of your website.

2.Top content of your website


These sections show you the pages and posts on your website which are getting the maximum number of views.

As shown in the graph, the home page of our website is getting the maximum of 1003 pageview in the last 28 days. Then comes the blog section which has 987 pageviews.

This will give you an idea of which pages of your website are more valuable and which of them you need to work upon.

You can check the pages with the highest page views but more bounce rates. On these pages, you can work and improve your content.

Additionally, you should do internal linking on the pages with maximum page views on your website.

In this way, you can update the pages with more latest and detailed content in order to increase and engage your viewers.

3.Top Sources of traffic on Website


In this graph of google analytics, you can check the sources from which you are getting traffic to your website. All the sources have been described briefly below.

Direct Source– As the name indicates, the direct traffic on the website is the visitors who come to your site by directly typing the URL of your website into google.

These users do not come to your site by following any link on the web.

Organic Source– The traffic that arrives on your website via any link from other sites or by paid ads displayed on different platforms is known as an organic source.

Traffic from organic sources is good for your website as it helps to increase the google ranking of your website.

Referral Source- When a visitor visits your site by a hyperlink on some other site other than a search engine this source is known as referral traffic.

The example of referral traffic source is Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, etc


So this was a short guide on how to install google analytics in wordpress website. 

There are three more ways of adding google analytics to your wordpress, however this one is the easiest that we have discussed with you.

Installing google analytics to your wordpress website helps you to understand your content on your website. It gives you an insight about the most popular pages and the unpopular pages of your website. 

I hope this article helped you to install google analytics on your website. Please share this article with your friends and family.

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