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How to Install a Plugin in WordPress- Step by Step Guide

After you have installed WordPress on your website the first thing that you wanted to know is how to install a plugin in WordPress.

Installing plugins in wordpress may be a very easy task for some of you.

But this guide is for the beginner who have just installed wordpress and are first time users of wordpress.

Plugins add new features to wordpress. 

For example if you want to edit your image in your cell phone you will download an app from the store to do it. In the same way plugins work in wordpress.

WordPress has 58617 free plugins and thousands of premium plugins.

Free plugins can easily be downloaded from wordpress but premium plugins need to be uploaded in wordpress before they can be installed.

Here in this guide you will learn both the methods step by step so that you understand it properly and then implement.

Now before we read the whole guide on how to install plugins in wordpress you need to read the important note given below.  

Important note before you start

If you are using then this guide is for you. However if you are using then it will not work for you. 

As in the free plan of you can’t install any plugins.

Only the business plan of allows you to install plugins but this plan costs you $299/year which is quite expensive if you are a beginner.

Are you confused which platform you are using and which is best for you? 

Here is a detailed comparison of vs and which is better for you.

Now coming back to our main point let’s learn how to install plugins in WordPress and enhance its features.

How To Install a Plugin in WordPress

As discussed above there are two methods to install plugins in wordpress. 

The first method is to Install plugin which is free. It is installed using the search option in wordpress. And the second method is to Install plugin which is paid. It is installed by uploading it to wordpress.

Now without wasting our time let’s learn both the methods step by step in detail.

How to Install a Plugin in WordPress which is free

This is the easiest way to install plugins in WordPress. This method is similar to installing an application on a mobile phone via the play store.

Go to dashboard➪plugins➪Add new


Now here search for the plugin which you want. 

Let’s say you want to download a plugin called elementor which is used to design and customise the homepage on your website.

Search elementor in the search option on the top right corner and you will get that plugin on the screen.


Now to install this plugin click install  and the plugin is now installed to your website. But the plugin is not active yet. 

Activate the plugin by clicking on the activate button.

Now the plugin is activated on your site. 

You can check the active plugin by going to plugins and then check installed plugins.

Here you will see all the plugins which are installed on your site.

You can configure the settings of the plugin by clicking on the settings tab. Setting of each plugin is different according to its functionality. 

You can always check the view details option to check the details about the plugin and how  to use it.

Hope, now it is clear how to install a plugin in wordpress using search option. And now we move on to the second method to install a plugin.

How To Install a Plugin In WordPress Which Is Paid

When you buy a premium plugin you will not find them on your search option of wordpress. You will get the plugin in the zip file. 

So in order to install this plugin to wordpress you need to upload it in your wordpress from you computer.

Follow these simple steps to do that.

Go to your wordpress dashboard ⇒Plugins⇒ Add new.


Now instead of searching the plugin in the search bar click on upload plugins.

After clicking on the upload plugin select ‘choose file’. And then select the zip file of the plugin from your computer.


After you select the plugin click on open and the plugin will now get selected.

Now in order to install the plugin click install. 

And then click activate. Now the plugin is active and it will be added to the menu section of your dashboard.

You can configure the settings of the plugin and view details to understand how to use it.

Recently asked questions

Now after reading this guide I hope you have understood how to install a plugin in wordpress but still as a beginner you might have some questions in your mind about plugins. So below are all the questions that a beginner has in his mind.

1. How to uninstall a plugin on wordpress?

As a beginner, after installing a plugin you might not like it. So now you want to delete it. It’s as simple as deleting a picture from your mobile phone.

  • Go to the dashboard of your website
  • Click on plugins and then installed plugins.
  • You will see all the installed plugins.
  • Press the deactivate button.
  • And then press delete.

2. What is the difference between installed plugins and active plugins?

Installed plugins are those plugins that are on your WordPress but you can’t use them because they are inactive. Active plugins are those which you are using on your WordPress.

To check which plugins are installed on your site and which are active go to your dashboard. Click on plugins. You will see white background of the plugins which are installed but inactive plugins.

3. How many plugin can I install in wordpress? 

In WordPress, there are 58617 free plugins. It depends on you how many you want to install. But downloading unlimited number of plugins on your wordpress will make your site slow. So it is always preferred to download 20 or less plugins if you are using shared hosting.

4. Should I delete Inactive Plugins from wordpress?

Yes, you should definitely delete the inactive plugins from WordPress as it may make your site slow in loading.


In this guide we have discussed tho methods to install a plugin in wordpress.

Plugin enhances the features of wordpress without adding any coding to it.

The first method is to install a free plugin using the search option in wordPress.

And the second option is to install premium plugin in wordpress. In this method you need to upload the zip file and then install the plugin.

Hope, this guide helped you to install a plugin in WordPress. Please share this article if you like it.

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