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How to Redirect URL in WordPress Using a Plugin

In this article, you will learn how to redirect URL in WordPress. 

When you delete or change the URL of any page on your website, the old URL starts showing an error as “page not found”.

In that case, you need to create a redirection of your old page to the new page.

So, let’s see how to redirect a URL in WordPress just following the few steps.

How to Redirect URL in WordPress Using a Plugin

Let us suppose you want to change the URL of the “About Us” page on your website.

After you create a new URL of a page, copy that new URL and save it in your notepad as you would need it in the steps followed below.

Now coming to the main topic how to redirect URL in WordPress.

To redirect URL in WordPress you need to install a plugin called “Redirection.”

To install a plugin head over to your WordPress dashboard, go to the plugins and then click add new. Now search for a plugin called redirection and click install. You may also learn How to Install a Plugin in WordPress- Step by Step Guide.


After you have installed and activated the plugin you need to do some setting to create redirection of the URL.

Click on settings and then click Start setup.


 Now click on the Continue Setup.


And then click on the Finish Setup.


After you click on Finish you have completed the setup of the plugin.


Now in the next step you will see a redirection page opens up on your screen. 

As we are taking an example of “About Us” page. Let us suppose you have changed the URL and now want to create the redirection of “About Us” page.

To create the redirection of the “About Us” page enter the old URL of the page in the Source URL.

To copy the old URL open “About Us” page on your website and copy the whole URL. Now paste the URL in the source URL of the redirection plugin.


Now, you need to copy the new URL of the page and paste it in the target URL space. Hope you have saved the new URL on your notepad while changing it as told before in the guide.

Once you have copied both the URLs click on Add Redirect

So you have successfully created redirects in WordPress.

Now when someone clicks on the old link or URL of the About Us page on your website the visitor will automatically be redirected to the new URL.

Add Temporary Redirect of your Homepage to Maintenance Page

When you are working and building the Homepage of your website you need to enter a temporary redirect of your homepage to the maintenance page.

Doing this will let your visitors show the maintenance page for the time you select redirection.

So, let’s see how you can do this by using the same plugin called “Redirection.”

Go to the dashboard of your website and select Tools. And then select Redirection.

In the first step select the Settings Option as shown in the image below.


In the second step select the Temporary Redirect by click on the dropdown as shown in the image.

In the third step enter the URL of the homepage in the Source URL.

In the fourth step enter the Target URL. In the place of target URL, you need to enter the URL of the Maintainance page.

In the final step click on Add Redirect option.

So now you have successfully created the temporary redirection of your homepage.

However, after you have finished construction of your homepage you will need to remove the redirection of your homepage. Let’s see how we can do that.

How To Remove Redirection From the Homepage

To remove the temporary redirection of your homepage go to the Tools section from the dashboard and then select Redirection.

Here you can see all the redirection that you created for your website. As shown in the image below.


To remove the redirection from the homepage of your website just click on Disable option.

Now, you have successfully removed the redirection of your homepage.

You can enable it at any time when you reconstruct your homepage just by clicking on Enable.

Redirect Your Website to New Domain

This feature is useful when you change the domain name of your website and want to redirect your whole website to a new domain.

You can redirect your entire website to your new domain in a few minutes by using the redirection plugin

So let’s get started.

Go to the dashboard of your website and click tools and then click redirection.

Now, you will see the redirections page. Select the site option from the options as shown in the picture below.


Enter the URL of your new domain in the option called Relocate to domain and click on update.

So now you have successfully created the redirection of your website to the new domain.

To check that, search your old domain name in Google and you will see that your website has been successfully redirected to the new domain. 


So this was all about how to redirect a URL in WordPress. You can easily redirect any URL of your website using the redirection plugin and it’s free.

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However, you may also redirect it using some HTML codes on your website but that method is not recommended if you are a beginner in WordPress.

Plugins are the best sources for you if you want to add any extra feature to your WordPress website or blog.

Hope you like this article. Please share this article with your friend if you like it.

If you want to suggest any changes or updates in this guide please let us know in the comment section below. We will definitely update it.

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