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5 Image Editing Tools That Make your Images More Attractive


In this article, you will read about the best image editing tools that make your images more attractive. Images are very important for the SEO of your blog post.

Do you know a blog post that contains an image has high chances to rank on google?

You can be a great content writer but a blog without a visual looks incomplete.

Making good images for your blog might not be an easy task for you.

But after reading this guide about image editing tools you will love editing images.

The good part is that you don’t have to download any software for that.

You can simply sign up online and start editing your images.

Here you will learn about some best and free image editing tools that will make your blog more attractive and engaging.


Canva is one of the best image editing tools that I have used till now.

It has a simple drag and drop interface to edit images and that too within a few minutes.

Like every other tool it also offers a pro version but most of the time you don’t need it. 

You get tons of free templates and images which will make your visual look more attractive.

Now without wasting time let’s get started on how to use this tool for free.


Create your free account on Canva and after signing up click on create a design.

You can design- images for your blogs, instagram posts, logos, presentations, and many more.

You can also select a custom size of image that you prefer.

Now you are on the dashboard and can select your free templates.


You can edit any element in the template just by clicking on the element.

In the same way you can change any colour of the text as well as element.


You can also add free icons and shapes to your visual by searching for the type of template you are creating. 

Canva also provides tons of free images which you can search easily according to your design.


However if you don’t like these images you have an option to upload the images from your computer and then edit it.

Canva also provides texts of many types which is a cool feature of canva.

Canva in my opinion is very easy to use online tools.

It has a very simple drag and drop interface which can be used by anyone. 

Use canva to design images for your blog post or for social sharing.


Snappa is another best image editing tool.


The best thing about Snappa is that it provides unlimited number of photos to choose from.

It is similar to canva but contains more free images then canva.

Snappa also have the option to resize the existing image which is a cool feature which can be used when sharing the same blog images on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Quora.

In Snappa you also get thousands of icons and images free of cost which is my favorite feature.

Canva offers very few icons which are free most of the high quality icons are paid.

To start creating your high quality images. You need to click on “get started free” on the homescreen.


After signing up for free. You get an option to create image for custom dimensions.


You can also choose from the templates which are given for different platforms.


If you are blogger you get templates for blog featured image, infographic, and for designing ebook.


Best part is that you get different sizes of templates for ads. You can simply select the size and continue editing.


After you have selected the template you get diverse designs to select from or you can also make it from scratch.

Snappa has very simple interface of drag and drop


After you have selected the template now to will see a dash board where you can add different background to the image.


You can also add different types of eye catching background to the image.

You can also add free texts to the image and all these changes can be done by simply drag and drop.


The best part here is you get tons of free graphics which includes icons, vectors, images, etc. Most of them are free.

These icons really makes your image a next level. These icons contains all the socal media logos, which is my favriote part.

Snappa is the best tool as it has tons of high quality images which you get free of cost.

I personally have a good experience with Snappa and it will definitely make your images more attractive.


Piktochart allows you to create presentations, posters, reports, flyers, images for social media, Facebook ads and to create infographics.


Making infographics is not an easy task but with piktochart it becomes very easy and simple.

You can create infographics that can display deep information in your visuals.

I personally have used it several times and like its simple any easy interface.

After you are on the homepage you just need to click “Start creating for free”.


On the dashboard you will see multiple options as show in the picture above. You can choose any one.

Lets choose infographics from the dashboard. You get unlimited number of templates to choose from.


You can simply click on use template to use the one that you like and start designing.


On the top left corner you get lots of free graphics to choose from.

You get many shapes and icons to enhance your images.


Unlimited number of free pictures are also available from Unsplash.

Piktochart is one of the best infographic tools in the market.

You can design an infographic like a professional designer.

It also have the paid plan but most of your work is done in the free plan so you don’t really need to go for paid plan.

Go and try it once. you will definately love it.


PicMonkey is another good platform to design stunning visuals for your blog, website, youtube, or any online business.


With the help of PicMonkey you can design stunning posters, logos, business cards, images for social media, etc.

One feature that I like the most in PicMonkey is that you can edit the existing photo that you have on your laptop.

It also have a drag and drop, very simple interface like canva. 

PicMonkey contains filters which are as good as we get in the high level photo editing softwares.

If you don’t want to create your picture yourself you also get many free themes from which you can select any. 

For bloggers, PicMonkey is one of the best platforms to design images for blogs as well as for social media.

After reaching the homepage click on free trial.


You can select any of the templates.

You get a diverse number of sizes for images and ads for different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.


After you select a layout you are redirected to the dashboard where you can start editing.

Picmonkey has features like photoshop. It allows detailed editing of image.


You get different types of effects, textures, frames, templates, themes, etc. These features of Picmonkey make it a unique image editing tool.


Tons of images and videos are available on picmonkey which makes it a pro tool.

The best part of Picmonkey is the graphics. You get categories in the graphics which gives you an idea about your search.

Picmonkey is one of the best tools as it is a complete package of features. Some of the features make it a unique tool among all image editing tools.

Most of the graphics, images, and other editing features are free in Picmonkey.


With Pixlr you can experience next level photo editing.


Pixlr is a tool that is same as photoshop.

To be very clear if you do not have knowledge about graphic designing or photoshop this tool is not for you.

This tool is designed for someone who wants to design image from scratch and want a professional edit in the image.


This is the dashboard of Pixlr. Here you can do next level of editing with your image.

You can easily change the background of any type of image and colours to the image.

Pixlr lets you experience next level, intuitive photo editing and graphical design with AI-powered tools for quick yet professional edits.

You can start from an empty block or select templates.

If you really want to have diverse freedom in editing then you should definitely try Pixlr.


Images play a very important role in the SEO of a blog post.

without an image a blog post would look incomplete and visitors would also not like to read it.

Images makes the blog post interesting and it becomes more easy for a reader to understand the information that you want to convey through your blog.

Moreover, google also ranks those blogs which contains images in them with detailed explaination.

So do you need to hire professionals to create images for you blog?

No, there is no need to hire professionals to create images for your blogs. Infact you can create those professional visuals in few minutes.

We have many image editing tools online which makes our work very simple and interesting.

Canva is very popular and used by many bloggers to edit images for their blogs.

Snappa is to design ads banner and images. It offers wide range of graphics and shapes.

Piktochart is a online tool which is popular to design infographics.

This tool has tons of free graphics which you can use to convert long information into visuals.

Picmonkey as another awesome tool to edit images for social media and to create banner ads.

You get different shapes of the graphics for different platforms.

Pixlr is an advanced-level image editing tool because it has all the features of Adobe photoshop.

Which image editing tools do you use for your blog?

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