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How to Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Worried about traffic? Here is a detailed guide on how to use Pinterest for blogging to boost your blog traffic.

Implementing SEO on a new website can take anywhere around 12- 18 months.

So why wait longer when you can drive an immense amount of traffic via Pinterest.

Pinterest has more than 450 million monthly active users.

So it’s a good source to drive targeted traffic to your blog.

Pinterest is a platform to share your images and if you are a blogger, the best part is that you can reshare your blog images on pinterest.

So, without wasting your  time let’s learn how to use Pinterest for blogging.

Creating boards on Pinterest

After you login to your business account on Pinterest creating boards is very important.

Boards are nothing but categories which separate different topics of your blog.

Boards serve as a foundation on your Pinterest account to get traffic.

Always group similar content on a single board and name the boards according to the blog topics.

Boards also help in Seo of your pins on Pinterest and it also becomes easy for your readers.

To create SEO-optimized boards on Pinterest you need to do some keyword research.

Just head over to the search bar and type your main keyword.

For example- let’s say your main keyword is blogging

After you search your main keyword, Pinterest will show you suggestions related to your keyword.


Include those suggestions when naming your board.

For example, you could name your board as “blogging for beginners” instead of using the name as blogging.

This is the best and SEO-friendly way to create a board on Pinterest.

Now to create a board in your Pinterest head over to your profile and click save-Click on plus sign-Board.


Do a proper keyword research

You need to do proper keyword research in Pinterest before you pin any image.

Remember Pinterest keyword research is different from google keyword research.

The process is similar as you did while creating the board. But now you have to open each pin and then note down the common words.

Type your keyword in the search bar and you’ll see some pins related to your keyword.

Open some pins and note down the common words among all the pins.

Now type your keyword and this time use the suggestions under the search bar.

Using those suggestions makes your keyword a long tail keyword.

Now, again look for all the pins and note down the common words which each pin uses.

You can repeat the process by slightly changing your long tail keyword.

After doing this several times you now have some keywords which are used in most of the pins.

We will use these keywords when writing the pin description.

Writing Pin Description

Writing pin descriptions is the most important part in Pinterest.


You need to use your main keywords in the heading, alt tag, and the description of the pin.

Write the heading of the pin using your main keyword and including some suggestions by Pinterest search bar.

Think of writing a heading as it is solving a reader’s problem as he reads it.

Now when writing the pin description you need to explain to the reader what your pin is about and how will he benefit from your pin.

You can write 500 words in the pin description.

Don’t overthink what to write in the pin description.

It is basically a short summary of your blog post.

You can use your keyword several times in the description but do not spam your description.

Write your description in a way as you are talking to someone.  

And don’t forget to use the call to action button like- read more, keep reading, etc at the end.

Include the alt tag to make your pin search engine friendly.

Your Alt tag must have your main keyword and some other words making it completely related to your topic.

You can also use hashtags in your description.

Hashtags increase the popularity of your pin on Pinterest.

You can always use your keyword in the hashtags as well but remember don’t try to do keyword stuffing.

Designing an image for your pin

Designing an image for your pin is one of the important steps.

Pinterest is all about attractive images.

You should design an image that is more eye-catching and attracts more visitors.

Use some attractive colors instead of using light and dull colors in your picture.

There are many free image editing tools online which you can use to design the best pictures for your Pinterest.

Canva is one of them which is loaded with tons of features to design any kind of image.

You can always use the same image that you used in your blog post.

Using the same images shows a good connection when a user lands on your blog post.

When you use an image in a blog post it has some meaning because of your content.

However, when you use the same image on Pinterest the visitor will only relate to your image when he reads the heading of your pin.

So you should always write your targeted keywords on the image as well.

Add the pin it button to your blog post


Before we learn how to add a pin or save it button to your blog post let me tell you why it is important.

Pin it or save button in Pinterest allows the viewers to save your blog post image in Pinterest. So that he could revisit your blog easily.

When someone pins an image from your blog post to his Pinterest account it will increase the traffic of your blog. More shares mean more traffic.

In order to use this button on your blog in WordPress download the Social Snap plugin.

If you are a beginner in WordPress you can check here how to install a plugin in WordPress

The Social Snap plugin is used to add all the social sharing buttons on your website.

After you activate this plugin go to social sharing tab- Manage networks.

By clicking on “add network” you can include any social network you like on your WordPress blog.

When you set the positioning of the bar, set it on the bottom of every post and place it on the left sidebar also.

There are fewer chances that people visit at the bottom of your blog post and find this button instead placing it on the left sidebar works pretty well.

Schedule your Pins

Consistency is very important for your success on Pinterest.

You should post at least 2-3 pins daily, if possible you can pin 10 pins regularly.

However, the quality of your pin will always matter. Always focus on the quality of your pin over the quantity.

After pinning for some days you need to visualize your pins analytics.

There is always a time for your pins when they get more impressions.

So always try to pin at that particular time to increase your impressions.

Increase followers on Pinterest

More followers means more people you can drive to your website.

So to increase the followers on Pinterest search for the people of your niche and follow them.

You should also comment on other people’s pins and can also repin any pin you like.

Doing this will increase your involvement on Pinterest. 

If you run a blog include your Pinterest on the sidebar and at the bottom of the post so that people can reach you on Pinterest.

You can always share pins related to different topics on your Pinterest board.

But a lot of people may unfollow you as they might not be interested in all the boards that you create.

So the best way is to narrow down your niche and start pinning about a single topic.

Sharing your pins on group boards is the best way to gain more followers.

If you are struggling to gain followers you can create your own group boards.

Now when you create your own group boards people will want to join them and to join the group boards they need to follow you.  


Using Pinterest for blogging is very easy to drive targeted traffic to your blog.

To rank your post on google you need to work on, on-page and off-page SEO.

However, on Pinterest, it’s not that much hard for you even if you are a beginner.

Being consistent with your work on Pinterest can make you shine brighter, and that too in a short duration of time.

Follow and implement these steps in your blog and you will definitely see an increase in your blog traffic within a month.

I hope now you know how to use Pinterest for blogging. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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