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Shared Hosting for Beginners- The Ultimate Winner Bluehost.

In this article we have discussed about shared hosting for beginners and how can you enroll in the plan.

There are many companies which provides shared hosting but Bluehost is one of the best hosting in the market.

Bluehost offers a single click WordPress installation and it is most beginner friendly shared hosting.

Let’s not waste time and learn about the best shared hosting for beginners.

What is Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the best options for beginners to start their website or blog and earn money.

Shared hosting provides you a platform where you share your online space with other bloggers and save a huge amount of your money.

The best part is that you do not have to do anything, everything is managed by Bluehost.

When you start your blog all you need is a some affordable hosting provider which is offered by Bluehost shared hosting.

Most of the top bloggers use and suggest Bluehost due to its beginner friendly price.

If you want to start your online blog or website you should definitely go with bluehost shared hosting plans. 

Benefits of Bluehost Shared hosting

Some benefits of bluehost shared hosting are:

Host Unlimited Websites

If you choose a plus plan of Bluehost you can host unlimited number of websites of a single hosting which is a cool feature.

However, in the basic plan of Bluehost you can only host 1 website per hosting.

I would recommend you to go for the Plus plan because in the future you may host additional websites if you buy any. 

24*7 Customer Support

Bluehost has an incredible Customer Support.

When you start your online blog or website, as a beginner you might face some small problems which are easily managed by Bluehost.

When I started my blogging journey a few years back I went with a cheap hosting provider. Due to that I face many difficulties, no customer support for continuously 1 year.

Now 2 of my websites are hosted on Bluehost and I am totally satisfied with the customer support of Bluehost. 

Free Domain name

Most of the other hosting provider companies might provide you hosting at the same rate but you might not get free domain.

Bluehost provides you with a free domain name for 1 year. As discussed earlier Bluehost is a beginner friendly hosting provider company.

All you need is to buy a shared hosting and start your blog. 

Free SSL Certificate

Bluehost provides you with a free SSL certificate with shared hosting.

Now what is an SSl certificate? It is a small lock in front of the URL of a website.

It keeps your personal and sensitive information safe on your website. SSL is very useful when a hacker wants to hack your website.

How to get started with Shared Hosting

Till now we have discussed all the features of Bluehost shared hosting and how it is good hosting for a beginner.

Now let’s understand which plan is best for you according to your need.

Just have a look at the prices of the different plans in the image below.

These rates are applicable if you buy the hosting plan for 36 months.

However, if you want to buy the hosting for 12 months then you may different prices. Shared hosting are always cheaper if you buy them for long term but if you want you may even go for 12 months plan which also quite affordable.


Now lets see the difference between all the four plans offered by Bluehost.

Basic: In the basic plan you can host 1 website and you get %0 GB SSD Storage which is enough if you want to host only one website. However you may also update your plans if you get more monthly traffic on your website.

Other additional features are: Free domain, 24/7 customer support, free SSL certificate, Free CDN is also included.

Plus: Bluehost Plus Plan allows you to host unlimited websites on your hosting and you also get unlimited SSD Storage. This plan is basically for those who want to host multiple website on their hosting.

Other additional features are: Free Domain, 24/7 customer support, Free SSL certificate, Free CDN.

Choice Plus: Bluehost choice plus plan offers your more privacy and security features. You can host unlimited websites on this plan and also get unlimited SSD storage.

Other additional features are: Free Domain, 24/7 customer support, Free SSL certificate, Free CDN and you get additional feature which is automated backup of your data.

Pro: Bluehost Pro plan provides you the feature to optimize all your resources present on Website. You can host unlimited number of websites plus you get unlimited SSD storage.

Other additional features are: Free Domain, 24/7 customer support, Free SSL certificate, Free CDN, automated backup and dedicated IP for your website.

Now, let us suppose you choose the Basic plan to host your single website for entire year. Now lets see step by step how to proceed further to buy this plan.

Step 1: Visit the Homepage of Bluehost


After you visit the homepage of Bluehost, click on the “Get Started” button and proceed further.

Step 2: Setup Your Domain


In the second step you will see a option to setup your free domain.

You have two options here: If you want to get free domain enter in the first box and click next.

However, if you already have a domain name enter it in the second box and press next.

Step 3: Enter your Basic Details


In the third step you have to enter your basic details such as your name, country, complete address, email address.

These information are always kept private and it is for generating your subscription receipt.

However, you may also use your google account to fill these details.

Step 4: Select the Package Duration


In this step you may select the package information.

Select the number of months you want the subscription of the Bluehost shared hosting.

Step 5: Uncheck All the Boxes


In this step make sure to untick all the package extras.

By default two of the options will be ticked make sure to untick them as these features are not of much importance and can be added anytime in the future if you need them.

Step 6: Make the Payment


In this step you have select your payment option.

Enter your credit/debit card number, CVV code, and Expiry date of your card. After you enter these details just tick the small box which states that you have read auto renewal policy of Bluehost and finally press Submit.

Congratulations, you have successfully bought hosting for your Website.

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So this was all about how to buy shared hosting for beginners. Bluehost is one of the trusted hosting company, you will definitely enjoy the service of Bluehost.

Hope this article was helpful for you. Please share this article with your friends if you like it.

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