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What are Categories And Tags in WordPress? How to Use Them?

Categories and tags in WordPress increase the SEO score of your website. Is it really true?

We will discuss all the benefits and drawbacks of using categories and tags in a website.

Categories and tags both are different from each other. Using them on a website makes your website easy to navigate by user and Google. 

A website that is easy to navigate for a user is always preferred by Google. 

So let’s learn what are the major differences between categories and tags and how to use them to increase SEO score for your website.

What are Categories in WordPress?

Categories in WordPress are meant to organize and divide your content into small topics that provide better structure to your website.

For example, if you write a blog post on how to apply for adsense you can categorize this post  as “adsense”. And if you write a blog post on how to do affiliate marketing you can categorize it in “affiliate marketing”.

So, how does this become effective for Google? Google can crawl your website more deeply when you add different categories for different content.

Additionally, when you add categories the user can easily find the right information on your website.

When a user is satisfied with the layout of your website he will definitely become your customer in the future.

So, most important is to provide more value to your user with your content. The website that is user friendly is always loved by Google. 

How to Add Categories In WordPress?

To add categories in WordPress:- head over to your WordPress dashboard and click on Posts and then to Categories.


Now, add the name of the category that you want to create.

Creating categories and sub categories in WordPress in an easy task you may read about how to create categories and subcategories in WordPress

However, when you create a post under a subcategory, you should not include it under the main category as it may result in creating a duplicate content problem in WordPress.

Check out our post on What is Duplicate Content Problem in WordPress and How to Fix it.

What are Tags in WordPress?

Tags are not the same as categories in WordPress, most of the new bloggers get confused with tags and categories.

Tags are just some keywords from the blog post that give additional information about the blog post.

A blog post can have multiple tags but using more tags is never a good idea.

When you use too many tags on a single post, the tags that are used only for a single blog post will start showing the same post on which you have used the tag.

This creates the problem of duplicate content in WordPress. However to avoid it, use only the relevant tags which you may use in some other post also.

For example if you wrote a blog post on how to apply for adsense the tags that you may use in this post are:- Adsense, google ads, etc.

These tags can be used in some other posts as well which is the best way of using WordPress tags.

How To Add Tags In WordPress

To add tags to your blog post: head over to your WordPress dashboard and click on posts and then click tags.


Add the tag by typing it in the name section and WordPress will automatically create s slug according to the tag. You can also write description about the tag if you want.

Finally, click on “add new tag” button at the bottom.

WordPress Categories v/s Tags

Adding categories and tags in a WordPress blog does not increase the SEO score of a website directly.

However, adding them, make your website more user friendly that could definitely help to boost the SEO of your website. 

If you are a beginner, you can avoid using tags in your website.

But you can create one or two categories when you start a blog and keep on adding as you add your content with time.

Categories are the main topics under which several blog posts could be covered. Unlike tags they are some important keywords from the blog post. 

Both categories and tags help in better navigation of your website.

Categories are several small niches under the main niche of your website. On the other hand tags are the common keywords that are used in your blog posts several times.

If you do not create any category in your website, WordPress will automatically add all your post in a category named as Uncategorized.

Creating tags on the other hand is optional. 


So this was all about categories and tags in WordPress. Adding categories and tags may not increase the SEO score but it always adds a plus point for google ranking. 

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Hope this article was helpful for you. Please don’t forget to share it with your friend and family.

If you have any suggestion or question relating to this article, please comment down below. 

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