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What is a Plugin in WordPress-Detailed Guide 2021

If you are a beginner in WordPress or planning to start a website in the future you would definitely have this question in your mind: what is a plugin in WordPress?

This is a normal question that every newbie has when they join WordPress. As of today, there are 58617 plugins in WordPress. Each plugin works differently and adds its unique features to WordPress.

Here in this guide, you will get detailed information about WordPress plugins and why they are very important in WordPress.

You will also learn how these plugins can change your entire website.

Now, let’s learn what is a plugin in WordPress. And how to use it.

What is a Plugin in WordPress?

On 27 May 2003 when WordPress started it did not have any plugins and was meant for blogs and websites only. At that time it was not an easy task to make and customize your blogs as it is today.

In May 2004 WordPress released its version 1.2 called Mingus. In this version, WordPress came up with plugins for the first time. Now the main question: What is a plugin in WordPress?

A plugin is a package of codes that allows you to increase the functions of WordPress without editing the core of WordPress.

WordPress plugins are made up of PHP codes, images, CSS, and datascript.

Plugins make your work very easy. You can simply download them in WordPress and add several new features to your website.

For example, elementor is a plugin in WordPress which is used to design and customize pages. So it makes our work easy and provides us with various customization options without knowing any programming codes.

Why WordPress Make Plugins?

WordPress makes plugins so that you can add and customize your site without changing the core functionality of WordPress.

This means if you want to add any new feature to WordPress you do not have to edit core files of WordPress by programming codes rather you can install a plugin and do so.

Are Plugins Free or Paid in WordPress?

There are more than 58617 plugins in WordPress that are free. However, WordPress also has premium plans for some Plugins which are paid.

In the WordPress dashboard, you will only see the free plugins and you can download only the free versions. For paid versions of WordPress plugins, you get a zip file that needs to be uploaded on WordPress before installing.

You can check our detailed guide on how to install a plugin in WordPress.

How Plugins Work in WordPress?

As discussed before plugins are packages of codes in WordPress. When you install a plugin in WordPress those codes run in WordPress and add new features to your WordPress. Its working function is the same as apps that work on your mobile phone.

How to find plugins for WordPress?

Google: There are many good plugins available on google as most of the developers sell them on their websites.

But if you are a beginner I would never suggest you to go with this method. As there are chances that your website might slow down or it might also get hacked by hackers.

WordPress: It is the best place to find new plugins for your website. You can search them by visiting their official site or you can simply search it on your WordPress.

 Follow these simple steps to search plugins on WordPress


Go to dashboard ⇒Plugins⇒ Add new⇒Search Plugin in the search bar.

Recently Asked Questions

1.How Many plugins are too many on WordPress?

Installing too many plugins on your WordPress website will make your site slow. Well, there is no specific number of plugins you should have on your WordPress. However, you should keep the number below 20 plugins it’s safe for your site. Also, deactivate the plugins that you are not using.

2. How often should you update WordPress plugins?

You should update all the plugins once a week. Doing this will help them to function properly. The best thing is to keep the auto-update button on which will automatically update the plugins when new updates are available.

3. Can I use 2 SEO plugins?

No, never use two SEO plugins. One plugin is enough for the SEO of your website. Installing more than one may lead to the crashing of plugins.


40% of the total websites in the world are designed on WordPress. This is because WordPress keeps on adding quality and diverse features it which makes it more convenient for its users. One of those features offered by WordPress is plugins. 

Plugins were designed to add new and diverse features to WordPress. Any new feature can be added to WordPress by just adding a single plugin to WordPress without running any codes.

So plugins have made our work more easier for normal person like you who does not know any coding

I hope now you know what is a plugin in WordPress and this detailed guide was helpful for you.

Thank you for reading this article and do share it with your friend if you like it.

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