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What is Duplicate Content Problem in WordPress and How to Fix it

Are you facing the duplicate content problem in WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the World used by 40% of websites on the Internet.

However, most of the bloggers face duplicate content problem in WordPress. This problem of duplicate content can outrank your website from google search.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert blogger, you should check your website’s content as it could become a serious issue for your website.

Duplicate content may decrease your website’s traffic and slowly your website will go down in the ranking of google. 

In this article you will understand what is duplicate content problem in WordPress and how to check it for your website and fix it.

What is Duplicate Content Problem in WordPress

Duplicate content problem in WordPress means that you created several copies of your same content on your website.

In simple words, if a single article on your website can be reached by several different URLs then your website has duplicate content.

For example: If your website has duplicate content then a post on your website can be reached by several URLs listed below-


However, a user may not face any problem when he searches any query on your website.

Now, how does it affect the ranking of your website as long as the user is getting his query solved?

It might not be a problem for your viewer’s but by creating several pages on your website you are confusing google which page to rank higher.

In this condition google may outrank your particular post that contains several pages on your website. 

Additionally, if more number of posts on your website has duplicate content then Google will outrank your website from search results.

How to Check WordPress Duplicate Content Problem 

So this is the most important part of this article and I am sure you also want to check this for your website. 

To check go to google and search the domain name of your site in the format:- 

Make sure to replace the with your complete domain name.

After you search your domain in this format you will see all the links that are indexed on google from your site.


In order to see all the results including omitted click on the search with omitted results included you can check it in the image above. 

Now, if you see tags, categories, author archive in the search result then your website has duplicate content problem.

In order to fix this issue you need to do some settings on your website.

Read the full post and follow the steps mentioned to remove the duplicate content issue from your WordPress website.

How to Fix Duplicate Content Problem in WordPress?

Duplicate content Problem in WordPress arises because of several reasons you can easily fix it by following these steps:-

Note:- These all settings are fixed using “Yoast SEO” plugin. Make sure to download the plugin before you start implementing these steps.

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When you add a tag to your post on WordPress, it creates a new page with the same content and different URL on your website.

As explained above the single post on your website can be visited by different URLs.

Creating Tags means you are yourself creating duplicate content on your website. 

So to to deal with this problem you should keep the tags no index and do follow.

Doing this will tell the google crawler not to index that page again in google and your post will still be crawled.

You can do this by using Yoast SEO plugin. 

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To turn the tag into noindex in Google, go to your WordPress dashboard and select SEO (yoast SEO).

Click on search appearance and then taxonomies.

Now scroll down you will see the tags section, click on the no option to make it no index by Google.


Categories will show your post as a featured snippet in google which is however is not relevant to provide the right information.

Additionally if you keep the categories pages indexed then it will again provide a duplicate content on your website. 

When you create category page in WordPress it will create another URL of your post.

To avoid this problem of duplicate content due to categories page you should create different names for each category page.

Just like tags you should keep categories as “no index” and “do follow”.

You can easily do this in the yoast SEO Plugin.


Go to your dashboard of your website and then follow the Steps.

Select the SEO section on your dashboard and then click Search Appearance.

Now go select Taxonomies.

Finally, head over to the categories section and select no option to make it noindex in the Google search.

You can check in the image above if you get any confusion.

Author Archive

 Author archive could be the same page as your websites homepage.

So it creates a duplicate content problem in your WordPress website.

To fix this, you should either disable it for your website or you can simply keep it as  “follow, no index” in order to avoid duplicate content problem.


To disable author archive go to your WordPress dashboard and then select SEO(yoast SEO).

Now head over to Search appearance and then click on archives

Finally click on disable to turn it off.

Attachment Image URL

As images are very important for your blog post to make them look more attractive and engaging.

When you add any image to your WordPress blog, it will automatically create an attachment URL.

When the visitor clicks on the image it will open with a different URL which will create duplicate content on your website. 


To fix this issue you can again use Yoast SEO plugin. 

Go to your WordPress dashboard and then head over to SEO.

Now click on search appearance and select media.

Make sure to set it as yes. In the updated version of Yoast Seo it is already selected as yes.

You can also do this manually when you upload the image to your WordPress post.

Click on the link option and select it to none as shown in the image below.


So this was all about what is duplicate content problem in WordPress and how can you solve it. 

Duplicate content problem in wordpress can be avoided by following these simple steps.

However, it is a great problem for your website as it can downrank your website from google.

You may also want to read about some biggest problems that new bloggers face.

Duplicate content might be a big problem for your website if your site is new to google.

Make sure to implement these settings on your website to keep your site’s ranking good in Google.

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