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Which Web Hosting Company Offer Free Domain and SSL

Do you know which web hosting company offer free domain and SSl? Today there are many web hosting companies in the market due to which beginners face difficulty choosing the best web hosting to start their blogging journey.

I have used several web hosting in the past few years of my blogging journey. Some of them were quite cheap but their performance was never good.

I can understand, as a beginner, you have a low budget and want to invest a few dollars and get a good web hosting in return. In Fact, every newbie thinks this and there is nothing wrong with it.

Today we will discuss everything according to your needs. So let’s check out which web hosting company offers a free domain and SSL certificate.

Web Hosting Company that offer Free Domain and SSL

I was also in the same situation a few years back when I started blogging and was low on budget. Blogging is a passion and it can change your life if you invest your time in it. All you need is proper niche research and consistency in posting and updating blog posts.

Now coming to the point which company offers free domain and SSL certificate? There are several companies but my search ended when I started using Bluehost web hosting. Bluehost provides a free domain for one year and an SSL certificate which is very important for your website’s security.

There are other additional featured offered by Bluehost such as customer support, speed, and one-click WordPress installation.

Bluehost was founded in 2003 and since that time it has been the best web hosting company in the market. Moreover, it is a beginner-friendly web hosting provider company that offers 24*7 customer support and videos to explain you well. I have had a good experience with Bluehost and so I recommend Bluehost web hosting to my audience.

Let’s see how to buy Bluehost web hosting with a free domain.

How to Buy Bluehost Web Hosting With Free Domain

1. Sign Up With Bluehost


Signing up with Bluehost is quite easy. Search on Google or just use this link to visit the homepage of Bluehost

After you reach the homepage of Bluehost, here you need to click on “Get Started

In the next step, you need to choose the hosting plan for your Website. So let’s move to step two.

2. Choose the Hosting Plan

Bluehost provides various types of hosting, following are the type of hostings provided by Bluehost.

As you need affordable hosting to start your blog. I would recommend you to go with Shared Hosting. Shared hosting is affordable and is best for a beginner to start their website.

Bluehost shared hosting is best for bloggers, small businesses, and growing websites.

Moreover, in shared hosting different plans are provided by Bluehost as shown in the image below.


Do not get confused after seeing all these plans.

If you want to host only one website on your Hosting then you may go for a Basic plan. However, If you have more than one website or planning to buy more than one website then you may go for the Plus plan.

In the plus plan, you can host multiple websites without paying any additional cost.

Choose your Domain Name ( It’s Free)

Choosing the right domain name is very important for your successful blogging journey.

The best thing about Bluehost hosting is that you get a free domain for one year. You do not have to pay any additional charges for the domain in Bluehost.


Here you get two choices If you are a beginner in blogging then you will select the first column which says: “create a free domain name”.

However, if you already have a domain name then you may enter it in the second Column. If you are using your existing domain do not get worried about the free domain as you may grab it anytime within the time span of 1 year.

After you enter your domain name, click on Next to continue.

Enter Your Account details

In this step, you have to fill in your account details. This includes your name, country, your address, your mobile number, and your email address. To fill in the details either you may manually enter them in the space provided or auto-fill these details by pressing Sign in with Google.


After entering your account details press next which will direct you to the hosting details that you have selected. Let’s see in the next step.

Check Hosting Details.

In this step, you can check and change the number of months for which you want to buy Bluehost hosting.

To change the duration click on the small drop-down button in front of the account plan and select the duration.


Bluehost is one of the trusted company you may choose the hosting plan for 24 months or more.

The longer you select the duration of your website hosting price will decrease accordingly. However, if you have a low budget go for 12 months plan.

Choose the Payment Option

 After you have selected hosting details now it’s time to pay for your hosting.

Make sure to uncheck all the additional features added to your hosting before you pay. 

Now enter your card details and proceed with the payments.


Congratulations! for your successful purchase. You now have completed the process to buy Web Hosting.

After you have bought the hosting, now it’s time to install a WordPress on your website which is also very easy.

How to install WordPress in Bluehost

In Bluehost you can install WordPress in one click.

After you log in to your Bluehost Dashboard, click on My sites from the left sidebar.


And then click on create Site as shown in the picture above.

Now in the next step you you have to create a site name and site tagline.

Do not get stuck in this step as you can change this at anytime.


After you click on next in the next step you have to choose the domain name from the drop down on which you want to install WordPress.

Here you will also see some helpful free plugins which are recommended by Bluehost. You can untick them if you do not find them useful.


Now click next to install WordPress on Bluehost hosting.

After you click on the next Bluehost will automatically install WordPress on your Website.

The process will take few minutes to install WordPress on Bluehost hosting.

After the WordPress is installed successfully on your hosting you will get notify and you will see your WordPress Username and Password. Note down the username and password.

Now click on login to WordPress and then enter username and password.

Finally you are on your WordPress Dashboard. Have a good luck for your new Website.

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I hope now know which web hosting company offer free domain and SSL certificate. Bluehost is one of the trusted web hosting companies in the market when buying hosting plan you may go for 24 months or more if you have a budget. If you go for longer duration you will save log of your extra money on renewal.

However, If you have a minimum budget like I had we I started blogging then you may choose 12 months plan. All you can do is choose 12 months plan and then start working consistently on your blog. Consistent working on a blog you can easily earn $300- $500/month which is a good starting income for a blogger.

If you have any doubts you may comment down below or you may directly contact me using the contact page on my website. I will be happy to help you.

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