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Why Google Is Not Indexing Your Blog Posts | Fix Google Indexing

Google crawlers are made to crawl and index all the websites on Google, but why Google is not indexing your Blog Posts?

After you write an article with all your efforts you have an expectation that it will rank on Google. However, when you submit your article on google search console the article does not get indexed. In some cases, Google may take 1month to index your articles. Why is it so?

Google considers various factors to crawl your websites on the regular basis. some of them are links on your website, Crawling budget, Your updating frequency, etc.

As there are various reasons why Google is not indexing your blog posts. So let’s discuss each one of them one by one and find out your mistake.

What is Google Indexing

After you write an article on your blog your next step is to submit that article to the google search console.

For those who are new google search console is a tool by Google that allows you to submit your articles on Google search.

Now coming to the main point after you submit your article Google sends crawlers to your website and then your article gets indexed on Google. This whole process is called Google Indexing.

Why Google is not Indexing Your Blog Posts

For some websites Google crawls the content instantly and index them on the other hand for some websites articles may take 1 month time to get indexed.

So let us understand the basic mistakes you are doing because of which Google is not indexing your articles on Google search.

1. Irregular in posting Content

When you are irregular in the post the content on your website, Google might not index your articles on time.

For example, you started a new website and started posting on it every single day. Now after few days you did not post anything for 1 week and then again started posting regularly.

Following this irregular pattern of posting content is a major cause Google does not index your articles on time. Why does this happen?

This happens because Google sets a routine of your website to crawl the new content.

However, after following a routine when Google does not find content on your blog next time Google will not index the article on time. 

2. Not building Internal Links

Internal linking is very important to increase on page SEO of your website.

New bloggers tends to avoid making Internal linking and the main reason behind it is lack of knowledge about Internal links.

When you link your articles internally it’s easy for google as well as your Viewers to move from one page of your blog to the other. However, Without internal linking, there is no way to move and crawl the content of your website.

When you submit an article in the google search console for indexing, Google follows the links on your website and moves to all the pages which have been linked to that particular article.

Linking the articles internally also helps in boosting the SEO score of your website as Google can easily find its way to crawl your website’s content.

So, link your articles internally to improve the crawling and indexing of your whole website.

You may read in detail on How to Add Internal Links in WordPress.

3. Not Creating Backlinks

Backlinks are not very important for your if you are a beginner in Blogging.

Being a beginner you can skip this step and move to the next important step.

However, if you can build backlinks at the initial stage of your website it’s a good signal for Google.

Backlinks are very important for your website as you keep on uploading the content to your website.

When you have a backlink for your website, Google finds a way to crawl the content of your website easily.

Additionnaly backlinks also increase the authority of your website.

The most important thing to consider when getting a backlink is that it should be related your content.

Related content means that a person having cooking as a niche should get a backlinjk from a Cooking websites instread of getting it from tech websites.

4. Not Submitting XML Sitemap

Sitemap consist of all the URLs of your blog posts which allows google to index them easily.

In simple words, a sitemap is a map of all your website’s content in one place.

You can use different methods to submit a sitemap of your website to Google. It will hardly take 10 minutes to do that. You may use Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress to submit the sitemap to Google.

After you submit the sitemap Google will timely index the content on your website in Google search.

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5. Duplicate Content On your Blog

Duplicate content is the biggest problem which most of the new as well as old bloggers face nowadays.

When a single post on your website can be indexed via two URLs it creates a duplicate content.

It is basically caused due to the indexing of tags and categories in Google.

To avoid duplicate content you should always no index the categories, tags, and author archives on the website.

When a single post can be accessed via 2 or more URLs it creates a confusion for google crawler which URL to index and which to avoid.

This problem may decrease your website’s ranking and your website might also get penalized because of duplicate content.

Duplicate content is one of the major causes that your URLs are not getting indexed on Google.

Make sure to avoid them by doing some settings on your Yoast SEO plugin or any SEO plugin you use.

You may read in details What is Duplicate Content Problem in WordPress and How to Fix it.

6. Crawling Budget is Over

The crawling budget gets over for big websites as they post a huge number of posts on their website. If you are a beginner or own a small website then you need not worry about the crawling budget of your website.

Final Words

So, these were the main causes why google is not indexing your blog posts on Google search.

If you are facing this issue then you should definitely follow these steps to improve the indexing of your blog posts.

Also, try to be regular in posting the content on your website. If you choose to post once a week then you should strictly follow this rule. You may also update your old content from time to time which is again a good signal for Google.

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Hope this was helpful for you. Please share this article with your friends if you like it.

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