Blogging Block vs Which is Better Platform

Many bloggers don’t know the main difference between and

Do you have the same confusion? If yes then you are in right place.

This is a detailed comparison of vs

The main purpose of this article is to clear the difference between these two blogging platforms.

And to make it clear which one should you choose.

Beginners often confuse and because when you type WordPress in google you will get two websites and

Due to this confusion, they end up choosing the wrong platform for their blog.

This is a detailed comparison of both platforms. vs Difference between them is a hosting service that has free as well as paid plans. In this, you can simply register and start your blogging. You do not have to buy a hosting and domain.

It is a simple and easy platform to make a website. It’s a good option to start blogging for those who have a passion for writing. is a free platform for blogging. But you need to buy a domain name and web hosting in order to download WordPress for free. is also known as self-hosted WordPress because in this you have full access and control over your website.

In you can also use many free themes and plugins that can be used to customize your website. vs Comparision.

We have provided a detailed comparison of both and This will help you to decide which platform you should choose for blogging. Below is a pointwise comparison of both platforms.

Customization of your Theme

In you can’t customize your theme and you can only use the limited themes provided on it. However, provides you an option to customize your theme as you like.

Better SEO Options

In you could not install plugins of your choice which will not enhance the SEO of your website. However, in you can install plugins like Yoast SEO to check and improve the SEO of your website.

WordPress Branding

In you can not hide the branding of WordPress and the ads that are displayed while in you can display ads of your choice.


In you can not install any plugins. However, in the premium package, you can do so but it would again provide some limitations. On the other hand in you can install as many plugins as you like. and can make your blog or website as you like.

Hosting Plan

you don’t need any hosting plan for and initially you can start your blog for free. However, for you need to buy a hosting and a domain before you download WordPress for free.


In you don’t have to worry about the security of your website. Complete backup of your data is done automatically whereas in you have to do this manually. there are some plugins that can be downloaded to do the same in vs is better for you

After reading the comparison of both the platforms now you might be wondering which platform would be better for you.

In you can follow your passion for writing and earn a good income by monetizing your blog.

In you can’t monetize your site. You have an option to run WordPress ads which could become a source of your income. But you can not monetize your site with other ad networks.

So using the free version of is good if you just want to write blogs for a passion or if you wanted to learn to blog.

And if you want to scale your blogging and make your blog a source of your income then you should definitely go with is a platform where you can monetize your site with ad networks and also do affiliate marketing.

Recently asked questions

1. Can I transfer my website to

yes, you can transfer your site from to and after you transfer your site you can customize your site in the way you feel like.

2. Which one is better or has a premium plan which is very costly $300/year whereas for you can buy web hosting for $50/year. So go for It is the best platform for beginners.

3. Is Wix better than WordPress?

No, Wix is not better than WordPress. Wix offers a simple and easy interface of a website but in WordPress, you get many features that you would not get in Wix. So WordPress is much better.


In you have limited control over your website. You can imagine it like you are working as an employee in any company where you don’t have control over anything. Whereas in you have full control over your website. also has a premium plan which gives more features than the free version of The premium plan will cost you around $300/year which is much expensive for you if you are a beginner. can be downloaded free of cost after you buy a web hosting of $50-$100/ year. Additionally, it also provides you various free plugins. You can customize your website and it is the best platform for beginners.

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